It’s Easy To Find Nearby Pokemon By This Pokemon Go App

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There’s a new app that can send push notifications which alert you to the existence of nearby Pokemon when you’re out and about. Whether you like the game or not, Pokemon Go is the game that everyone is talking about at the moment, even more so than the highly-anticipated No Man’s Sky, which was released yesterday. So an app like PokeLoke is going to go down well with the millions of players worldwide who just can’t get enough of it.

PokeLoke is currently only available on iOS for the iPhone, and you can download it for free. The app is a variation on a theme that we have seen many times since Pokemon Go first launched. In fact, last week Niantic put a stop to many third-party apps and websites, denying them access to its servers, but PokeLoke is still working for now.

The app enables trainers to find out where the Pokemon that they are looking for are and then collect them. PokeLoke will also send a push notification when a user is near one of their desired Pokemon, which gives them the opportunity to add it to their Pokedex.

The app’s app store page says:

PokeLoke – Get alerts when you’re near Pokemon you’re looking for on Pokemon GO & see the Pokemon around you! Then simply go to their exact location to add them to your collection.

  1. See Pokemon near you and their exact location
  2. Set alerts to be notified when you move into an area where one of the Pokemon you’re looking for is!
  3. Go straight to where rare Pokemon are and add them to your collection
  4. Show off your awesome new Pokemon

What users are saying about PokeLoke

If you pay a visit to the app store to download the app, I suggest you read the early reviews. When I visited, there were only three to see, with one user saying that he would buy the app if he had to and another reporting out that he had some problems with in-app purchases as the app had tried to purchase something without informing him what it was.

Another user who gave PokeLoke a single-star rating mentioned that every time she had tried to use the app, it would tell her that the servers were down. This sounds familiar to the experiences many new Pokemon Go users had when the game was first released.

Final thoughts

Here at Valuewalk, we’re not sure where we really stand where third-party apps and websites are concerned. After all, the idea of the game is to get people onto their feet and send them out to collect augmented reality creatures. So the health benefits of the game could be real, and while third parties are operating against Niantic’s terms of service, inevitably, they make the game more enjoyable for players and possibly encourage more to play.

What are your thoughts on third-party applications like PokeLoke? Are they a necessary evil and something that Niantic should learn to cope with for the good and future of the game? Or are they a blight which the developer should wipe out?

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