Pokemon Go Update: Combat Power Changed For Some Creatures

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Pokemon Go developer Niantic pushed out another update for the location-based game yesterday. This new update changes the combat power (CP) for some creatures. Gengar, Rhydon, and Alakazam are having their CP increased, whereas other creatures’ CP values have reduced, according to an official blog post. The post does not clearly specify which other creatures’ CP values have been changed.

Making Pokemon Go more competitive and balanced

Niantic said that these changes will enable a more competitive and balanced training experience and battle in Gyms. The developer of the augmented reality-based game said that they will continue to adjust CP numbers in the future to improve the game balance when required. Combat points are a measure of how well the different Pokemon do in a battle.

Many Pokemon Go players, like the guys at Silph Road, have started documenting the changes they discover in the mobile game. The location-based game does not appear to update the combat points at first, but it does so when the player tries to power up their Pokemon. A Pokemon’s CP will grow faster if it is set to be buffed. However, if the CP is set to be nerfed, then the player will notice that the CP will decrease rather than increase, says idigitaltimes.

Holding a double XP event in time for Thanksgiving

Niantic is also giving Stardust and 2X the amount of XP throughout players’ adventures, starting November 23. The developer is doing this in part to thank users for their support since its record-breaking release in July. The double XP event is just in time for Thanksgiving. The event, which will run through November 30, will double all stardust and experience gained from catching creatures and completing in-game actions.

In a blog post, the developer said that it has been an amazing experience since the release of the augmented reality-based game in July. Further, the gaming giant said it is passionate about creating experiences to promote exercise and encourage exploration.

“We are humbled that hundreds of millions of you around the world have joined us on this journey,” the Pokemon Go developer said.

The blog further says that they would like to say thank you, and there is no better way to say those two words than to celebrate the community.

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