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PlayStation Neo vs. PS4: Is It Worth Upgrading?

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The fact that Sony is working on a console called the PlayStation Neo or 4.5 to replace the PlayStation 4 is no longer a surprise as the Japanese firm recently confirmed it. However, Sony is yet to release any information about the console, so whilst you may have read that it will have an 8-core CPU running at 2.1Ghz, this is only a rumor as are all of the specs currently being reported. So, in this article, I am going to share with you everything that is known about it and try to work out if it would be worth upgrading from the PS4 to the PS Neo.

PlayStation Neo Hardware

According to thefreedictionary.com the term “upgrade” means “To raise to a higher grade or standard”, so taking this into account it does look as though Sony will provide the PlayStation Neo with enough overall performance improvements over the PS4 to be classed as an upgrade. If current rumors are to believed, it will be powered by an AMD GCN GPU that will enable the new console to fully support all 4K content.

As for 4K gaming, it does not look hopeful that this GPU will support them, it could be that the AMD GCN will only be capable of delivering 4K for video and support for 4K displays. However, this GPU will be able to fully support gaming at 1080p and because of this run them at 60FPS, which is a much higher frame rate than currently possible on the PS4.

PlayStattion Neo Specs V PS4

On a more interesting note, and again according to rumor, it is possible that this GPU will have the power required to produce enhanced graphics for virtual reality, which is great news if you’re considering the purchase of a PlayStation VR headset in October. Whatever improvements the PlayStation Neo finally arrives with, there is a consensus, which believes that the console will have to see an improvement in processing power.

As it currently stands, the common belief is that the console will be shipped with an 8-core 2.1Ghz CPU and to complement this it will have a much faster memory bandwidth of 218Gbps, and as for graphics it looks like the current 800MHz found on the PS4 will be overclocked to reach 911MHz.

PlayStation Neo vs. PS4: Is It Worth Upgrading?

Software Compatibility

Now if you’re a PlayStation 4 owner, then it stands to reason that you may be a little concerned as to what the release of a new console will do to you, will you have to buy a PlayStation Neo to get the latest games? On this front it looks as though Sony are sticking with the PS4, meaning that any games that are produced for the new console will also be produced for the older one.

The good news about this answer is that it came straight from the Horse’s mouth, Andrew House who is Head of PlayStation, was recently interviewed by the BBC. And in that interview, he mentioned that all games will be supported across both consoles, games that currently work on the PS4 will work with the PlayStation Neo and vice versa.

However, there are some negatives about this, and that lies with the games developers. Having to provide support for two consoles is not only time-consuming but also expensive. And the added workload may not be in the interest of some developers and as such make some a little wary of working with Sony and its new console philosophy.

PlayStation Neo Price

There are a number of reports doing the rounds on this matter however, they all seem to have reached the consensus that the PlayStation Neo will be launched for $399. According to these reports, the reason for the relatively low price is that Sony wants as many PS4 owners to upgrade as possible to the new console. However, seeing as the PlayStation Neo will be a more performance intensive machine, it is likely to come with the hard sell for both 4K and the PlayStation VR, and as you already know there are extra costs involved with these.

One other huge reason for the lower price tag is that Microsoft has officially announced the launch of not one, but two new consoles the Xbox One S and Xbox Project Scorpio, so Sony has its market share to protect.

Should You Upgrade?

Well, this depends on whether you want full 4K High-Def and the ability to get the best out of Virtual Reality. Yes, games will be backward compatible so if you have a PlayStation 4, you’re are not going to be out in the cold. However, it will only be a matter of time before games needing the extra processing power to cope with more demanding titles surpass what the PS4 is capable of.

Personally, I would suggest that a PS4 owner should wait for the first 12-months of the PlayStation Neo’s release. This way he / she can gauge just how well the console is performing and how much support it has from developers.

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