PlayStation 5 Patent Filed: Sony Joins The Cloud

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We recently reported that Sony revealed why it had pulled out of the E3 2019 event. In a statement, executives said they were “exploring new and familiar ways to engage our community in 2019.” It appears that we may now have some insight as to what the company plans to do for its next generation of console games as a rumored PlayStation 5 patent has been filed.

PlayStation 5 Patent Filed: Could Digital Trade-ins be the Future?

According to a report from Esquire, the Playstation 5 patent has been filed and there are rumors that it will be cloud based. With Google announcing its new streaming game service Stadia this month, the move to cloud based gaming seems inevitable if other companies are going to keep up. It seems Sony may be in the game as well.

The PlayStation 5 patent doesn’t answer all the questions people have about the next generation console from Sony, but it does wet the appetite of gamers everywhere. Indications are that the new console will be cloud based, and that gamers could possibly sell their games back to Sony when they are done playing them. This means that digital trade-ins could be the future of console gaming. However, there is no information yet concerning how pricing for the streaming games would work.

PlayStation 5 Patent Indicates Backwards Compatibility

According to Techspot the PlayStation 5 patent indicates that this system could be able to play games dating all the way back to the PSOne. The company would utilize a process detailed in the patent as “processor ID spoofing” would allow the console to trick the older games into believing they were being run on the original hardware they were intended for. This could be a big deal to gamers who still have their old disc collections from older platforms, especially if the console itself has finally given up the ghost.

PlayStation 5 Not a Sure Thing

It is worth saying that just because a company, like Sony, files a patent that not everything listed in the patent will always come to be a tangible product. In many cases it is simply a safety measure taken by the company to ensure its ideas are not copied elsewhere. It is safe to say that fans of the PlayStation console are very eager to hear what Sony is planning in their next generation. The PlayStation 5 patent has definitely caught the attention of the tech world and is rapidly becoming top news in the sector.

PlayStation 5 Competitors

Google has announced that Stadia is coming soon and testing has already been completed on it. With cloud based gaming becoming the hot new trend, PlayStation 5 will have plenty of competition in the market. Google has top techs working on their products, including former PlayStation exec Phil Harrison. It will be interesting to see if everything rumored to be in the PlayStation 5 patent actually becomes a reality, and how it will stack up against Stadia and other cloud based services.

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