PlayStation 4 Pro Is Getting A New Boost Mode To Speed Up Old Games

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Users of the PlayStation 4 Pro are in for a treat. Sony has pushed out firmware update version 4.50 to beta testers. Among other things, the update includes a new Boost Mode feature that will allow older PS4 titles to run better on the PlayStation 4 Pro. However, Sony did not reveal when the final version of the firmware update would be rolled out to the public.

Unpatched games to run smoothly on PlayStation 4 Pro

Some older titles were patched to add PS4 Pro support and enhance the experience. The Boost Mode will allow even unpatched games to deliver better performance on the PlayStation 4 Pro. Judging by the videos posted on YouTube by beta testers, the performance improvements are noticeable.

Boost Mode manages to enhance the performance of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Just Cause 3, and the Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae demo. However, the feature won’t automatically be turned on. When you have upgraded to the firmware 4.50, you’ll see a new Boost Mode option in the Settings menu. You have to activate it manually. Note that the feature is coming only to the Pro version, not the regular PS4.

Developers reluctant to patch their old games?

A Sony spokesman told The Verge that when activated, the feature would allow PS4 Pro to “run at a higher CPU and GPU clock speed” to improve gameplay on some titles that were launched before the PlayStation 4 Pro. Some games will load faster. Titles with a variable frame rate will “benefit from a higher frame rate.”

Though PlayStation 4 Pro users may love the feature, its addition indicates that not as many game developers as Sony had hoped intend to patch their old titles for PS4 Pro. All the PS4 titles are compatible with the PS4 Pro. But Sony has said previously that unless games are patched to take full advantage of PS4 Pro’s capabilities, they would play on Pro exactly as they do on the standard PS4 model.

Other features coming to PS4

The firmware update 4.50 also brings many other improvements. It adds support for external hard drives (up to 8TB) for all PS4 models. It will allow the console to recognize the external hard drives that support USB 3.0. Users will be able to directly download and install games to the external drives.

Sony has also added custom wallpapers as part of the firmware update. Users will be able to set their favorite in-game screenshot as the home page wallpaper. Even if you select a super bright image, it will be dimmed with various effects to make sure that the home screen icons and texts are clearly visible.

Among other things, the company has simplified the notification list, and refreshed the quick menu to make it more accessible.

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