Play Google’s Olympics 2012 Hurdles Doodle Right Here

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Google has been entertaining us with the best doodles so far since the Olympics began.

Play Google's Olympics 2012 Hurdles Doodle Right Here

Now Google just took it up a notch; you don’t just see the fancy graphics, you can play them, as well! With minimum keys and inputs required, the game is pretty simple and addictive. You can play the new hurdles game right here:

How do you play it?

1) Press side-arrow keys in your keyboard frequently to make the Athlete run faster.

2) Use spacebar to jump.

This is not the first time a doodle was integrated with playable feature. To celebrate the classic Pac-Man game’s 30th anniversary, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) crafted a dedicated animation to honor the game famous across the globe. The playable doodle debuted on May 21st 2010. The game could be played by virtually inserting a coin,and Google’s Marcin Wichary, senior designer and developer, called its design a ‘natural fit’ for Google, as it hid its complexity underneath a deceptively straightforward interface.

Play Google's Olympics 2012 Hurdles Doodle Right Here

The second and even more impressive playable doodle celebrated the 96th birthday of Les Paul, an American songwriter and inventor who played jazz, country and blues, on June 9th 2011. Googlers not only could play guitar, but they could also compose their owntunes and then play them back.

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has been honoring the Olympics with a unique doodle each day since the mega sports event opened on July 27th. So far the creative team at Google has covered Achery, Diving, Fencing, Rings, Field Hockey, Table Tennis, Shot Put, Pole Vault, Synchronized Swimming (my personal favorite), Javelin and Hurdles. The doodle team is headed by Ryan Germick, while Engineer Kris Hom and Michael Levin and a team of engineers, were the lead designers in this fresh innovation. We are all anxious to see what Google has in store for us in the upcoming doodles.

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