1,609 Coin Analysis: ZoZoCoin Gains 226% As PizzaCoin Drops 82% In One Week: HiveEx

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Each week, cryptocurrency brokerage HiveEx.com releases a weekly analysis of all the coins listed on CoinMarketCap. At the time of analysis it was at 1,609 coins, but that number fluctuates every day. HiveEx.com goes beyond the usual top ten coins to see which coins have seen the greatest changes in value over the past seven days, looking at price, trade value and market cap. Check out the key findings below.

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  • US$167.6 billion traded in the past week
  • Biggest 7-day price growth by percentage was Hydrogen up 212% to US$0.0056
  • Biggest 24-hour trading volume was TRON, up US$196.7 million to US$599.9 million
  • Bytecoin (BCN) sees biggest increase in market cap, up by US$900,764,752 to US$2,169,512,646

For immediate release, Tuesday, May 14, 2018, Sydney, Australia – Cryptocurrency brokerage trading service, HiveEx.com, has released a weekly analysis of all coins available on CoinMarketCap.

Each week, HiveEx.com will analyse the performance of these coins, including a seven-day change in value and growth of coins, trade value change, and market capitalisation.

Key Findings:

7 day volume

The total volume traded in cryptocurrencies over the last seven days was US$167.6 billion. The top five cryptocurrencies by total seven-day volume are:

  • Bitcoin at US$49.5 billion
  • Tether at US$26.4 billion
  • Ethereum at US$20.7 billion
  • EOS at US$13.4 billion
  • Bitcoin Cash at US$8.7 billion


Bit20 saw the biggest increase in price. Its value increased by US$13,547 to US$748,595, while Project-X saw the biggest drop in price, down US$21,280 to US$110,668.

Regarding percentage growth, Hydrogen saw the biggest increase in price, up 212% to US$0.0056, while StockChain saw the biggest drop in price, down 82.35% to US$0.0103.

Top 5 biggest 7-day increase in price (USD)

24-hour trading volume

TRON saw the biggest increase in 24-hour volume. TRON’s 24-hour volume increased by US$196.7 million to US$599.9 million, while bitcoin saw the biggest drop in volume, by US$1.6 billion to US$5.8 billion.

Regarding percentage growth, GeyserCoin saw the biggest increase in 24-hour volume, up 1,393,166% to US$24,621.10, while CHIPS saw the biggest drop in volume, by 99.98% to US$0.28.

Market capitalisation

Bytecoin saw the biggest increase in market cap. Bytecoin’s market cap increased by US$900.8 million to US$2.15 billion, while Bitcoin saw the biggest drop in market cap, down US$13.2 billion to US$148.8 billion.

Regarding percentage growth, ZoZoCoin saw the biggest increase in market cap, up 226% to US$333,070, while PizzaCoin saw the biggest drop in market cap, down 82.03% to US$235.

Market capitalisation: rank

Holo saw the biggest increase in rank position. Holo’s rank increased by 1,235 spots to 110. Pundi X saw the biggest drop in rank, down 1,253 spots to position 1,325.

Top 5 biggest increase in market cap rank

Cryptocurrency Brokerage HiveEx

The seven-day summary of 1,609 cryptocurrencies analysed to May 14, 2018 is now available. The full details of the analysis, including data tables for all measured areas of performance, can be viewed here: https://www.hiveex.com/news/weekly-coin-analysis-may-07-to-may-14-2018

Comments from HiveEx.com’s CEO and co-founder, Fred Schebesta:

“With a handful of leading names in the cryptocurrency space, like bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, dominating our news feeds, it can be easy to overlook how huge the market really is. We’ve created this analysis to help traders see where the biggest movers are coming from each week.

“When it comes to biggest increase in market cap, Bytecoin (BCN) took the lead over the past week, jumping by US$900.8 million. Although not one of the biggest names in the market, all eyes have been on the coin recently, due to its price surges and subsequent temporary closure after being listed on Binance – the world’s largest trading platform – as it was reportedly unable to handle this increased demand for trading. Since returning to the market, BCN is holding a reasonable price.

“Bit20 (BTWTY) is another coin regularly listed in our weekly analysis. As it’s price (USD) is so high, more often than not, any movement in Bit20’s price is always huge when compared to the rest of the market. From April 30 – May 7, it actually saw the biggest decrease in price, while this week it sits at the biggest increase.”


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