It’s Here: Phoenix V3 iOS 9.3.5 Jailbreak Released

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Great news for those of you who have been patiently awaiting a new jailbreak! Phoenix V3 iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak released recently, fixing some bugs from V1 and V2. iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices running iOS 9.3.5 can now be jailbroken and experience life outside of Apple’s walled garden. Of course, if you didn’t stick around on iOS 9.3.5 and you haven’t saved your SHSH2 blobs then you’re out of luck for this jailbreak. If you did exercise patience then you can enjoy this new jailbreak for your device.

The jailbreak is semi-tethered which means that the iPhone will have to be connected to the jailbreak tool every time the device reboots. Every 7 days, the jailbreak will have to be re-signed and re-sideloaded using Cydia Impactor. Kind of annoying but the only option if you want a jailbreak for your iOS 9.3.5 device. Realistically, if you avoid rebooting your device too often then you should only have to go through that process every week or so. Plus, then you get to enjoy the benefits of a jailbroken device! With Phoenix V3 iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak released, there is renewed hope we may see a jailbreak for a more recent version of iOS. We covered how to ensure you’re prepared for the potential of an iOS 10.3.2 jailbreak.

There is also the question of if jailbreaking is even necessary at this point in the life of the iPhone. Jailbreaking used to unlock a wide range of features not offered by iOS. Now, iOS is much more mature and jailbreaking is largely unnecessary. Still, some people still love using a jailbroken device and until iOS is absolutely perfect the jailbreaking community will continue to work.

Now that Phoenix V3 iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak is released, will you be taking the plunge? Or, are you one of the people that thinks jailbreaking is dead? If you want to jailbreak your device that’s running iOS 9.3.5 you can download the jailbreak tool here. Enjoy!

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