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A permanent page devoted to Philip Fisher has been added to Value Walk. Over the next few months I will be adding 2-3 resource pages a week on famous current and legendary investors. I will keep them a surprise to increase the excitement, so make sure to check back frequently. Or follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Feedburner.

The Philip Fisher Page can be found under legendary value investors on the top toolbar, or at the following link- Below is a brief excerpt from the page:



Philip Fisher was not a value investor, in fact he was a growth investor;however, he had such a profound impact on value investing that he must be mentioned on this page. Additionally, Fisher was a long term investor who invested based on fundamentals, and it can be argued that he mixed value and growth like Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger.


Fisher’s 15 points

  1. Does the company have products or services with sufficient market potential to make possible a sizable increase in sales for at least several years? A company must have products which cater to a larger target audience and should be a part of the expanding markets.
  2. Does the management have a determination to continue to develop products or processes that will still further increase total sales potentials when the growth potentials of currently attractive product lines have largely been exploited? The company management should possess the potential of maintaining sales growth after the maturity period of the product has reached through means of innovation.
  3. How effective are the company’s research-and-development efforts in relation to its size? To survive in the competitive industry, the company must have effective and efficient research and development which is reflected in its performance.
  4. Does the company have an above-average sales organization? Some products of certain companies possess characteristics which make them stand out and therefore, have the potential of being bought by the public without the need for merchandizing.


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