Paul Singer Notes Rich Irony Of French Riots

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The following is an email which Paul Singer of Elliott Management sent to some colleagues in the industry. Although it is political in nature we see nothing wrong with what Singer said (simply that racism and racist violence is bad) and since we cover Singer extensively we thought our readers would enjoy it.

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These are not “demonstrations.” They are pogroms. The list of cities and countries in Europe where you cannot safely walk the streets wearing any indicia of being Jewish is growing. It will be interesting to see the pace of the Jewish depopulation of Europe. I suppose it will be guided by official response to these pogroms. A good indication will be the extent to which local police just pay lip service to protecting the life and property of Jews, versus cracking the heads of the rioters. So far my impression is that the governments are signaling (by their despicable double standard applied to Israel in official statements and at the UN) that it is ok to be anti-Semitic, but they are more or less trying (sort of) to protect their citizens. Since official anti-Semitism in Europe is rising, we can expect overt statements and acts of citizens (not just Muslims, but also the left side of the political spectrum as well as the hard-right) to get worse and worse to the Jews. It is hard to know what will stem the tide.
The only “good” news is that the non-Muslim populations of these countries are in a fantasy world thinking that it is only the Jews in their countries who are the targets of Muslim radicals.

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Subject: FW: Has Hamas ended the prospects for a two state solution? 

The broader implications of the Gaza War are gradually coming into view. This article deals with an important aspect. While the range and accuracy of the Hamas and Hezbollah missiles have been known to be inexorably improving, the extension of that range to Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem (in effect, all of Israel) has apparently taken the population by surprise. Nobody could possibly have flown into Israel in the last few decades and not looked out the window at Israel, the West Bank and Gaza and not wondered what the risk was in landing or taking off in such a vulnerable place. And now we know for a fact, and viscerally, that the threat of Hamas and Hezbollah rockets is actually to all of Israel and to the country’s very existence.


And now it is also viscerally clear what the difference is between the West Bank and Gaza, in terms of Israeli military access and presence to prevent terrorist infrastructure from unfettered freedom to build rockets, tunnels, explosives shops.


The bottom line is just about what Dershowitz surmises. Israel is not withdrawing its troops and supervision over the West Bank, nor handing it to third parties. Nor throwing out the Jews. We only have a couple of more years of the Kerry/Obama nonsense, and hopefully the next Administration in the U.S. has a more realistic appraisal of the Palestinians, and the need to give Israel room to protect itself.


The “DPS” note in the middle of the article is a comment from David Steinmann.