Need Parking? Apple Maps Can Help

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Parkopedia, the world’s leading parking services provider with more than 40 million parking spots listed, announced Wednesday that it will be providing its parking services to Apple Maps.

Apple, Parkopedia deal to help drivers find parking

Parkopedia has announced a deal with Apple today to provide its database of parking services through Apple Maps. In some venues, this means that Apple Maps is now aware of over 40 million parking spots being tracked by Parkopedia across 75 countries in North America, Asia, and Latin America.

Apple Maps users will be able to view key information about parking garages and lots around the world. In addition, users will have the option to click through Parkopedia’s website and iOS app to view more detailed information including pricing, user reviews, special offers and real-time space availability. They will also be able to make reservations,” reads Parkopedia’s press release.

Last March, Apple began adding information about parking to its Maps application, with an icon denoting a parking venue and very limited information associated with its location. Now, Apple Maps is able to provide a set of information in supported areas straight from Parkopedia about the parking facility selected. This allows users to review information about payment options, facility hours, and electric vehicle charging spots, all without leaving the application.

“We’re excited to deliver detailed information on more than 40 million parking spaces in 75 countries to Apple Maps customers,” says Christina Onesirosan Martinez, Parkopedia’s Head of Marketing. “This is a very important milestone for Parkopedia. Our combined footprint in the consumer and automotive space is huge and this opens the doors to delivering a world of innovative solutions.”

Apple Maps to include more driver-friendly features

Beyond parking integration, Apple Maps has been steadily updating its services to solidify its navigation and research abilities for users. Among some of the upcoming changes coming in iOS 10 include new parked car notifications, which remind users where they left their car with the aid of a simple geo-locked icon within Apple Maps.

Apple and Parkopedia have not yet said when we can expect the feature to fully release, however those with the iOS 10 beta can see Parkopedia’s data within the Apple Maps application. The upcoming mobile operating system update will be available this fall and is sure to include a bevy of great features for drivers.

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