Opinions On The Stock Market, Redux

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Opinions On The Stock Market, Redux by David Merkel, CFA of The Aleph Blog

Here’s the second half of my most recent interview with Erin Ade at RT Boom/Bust. [First half located here.] We discussed:

  • Stock buybacks, particularly the buyback that GM is doing
  • Valuations of the stock market and bonds
  • Effect of the strong dollar on corporate earnings in the US
  • Effect of lower crude oil prices on capital spending
  • Investing in Europe, good or bad?

Seven minutes roar by when you are on video, and though taped, there is only one shot, so you have to get it right. On the whole, I felt the questions were good, and I was able to give reasonable answers. One nice thing about Erin, she doesn’t interrupt you, and she allows for a few rabbit trails.

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