OnePlus 7 Pro Fixes Longtime Issue With OnePlus Phones

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The OnePlus 7 Pro is a highly-anticipated phone due to its impressive specs, unique design and game-changing display. In the upcoming phone, the Chinese company is also taking care of one long-standing problem with its phones, which users had created a petition for.

Improved vibrations on OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus users have long complained about problems with the haptic motor, which is responsible for the vibrations. Now the company has confirmed that it is fixing the issue with the OnePlus Pro.

OnePlus confirmed to CNET that users will feel improved vibrations on the OnePlus 7 Pro as the handset packs a better haptic motor. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau told CNET that the phone’s new haptic motor offers an “excellent” experience for users.

The OnePlus CEO confirmed that the vibration motor in the upcoming model is 200% more powerful than the one in the earlier models. The company has also increased the size of the motor, which the CEO admitted was a challenge for the designers. Lau said the team faced the challenge of fitting a bigger motor in the phone without increasing its thickness.

“At the same time, we had to ensure that the haptic motor was in the right position so that the haptics would be strong, yet even across the device,” the CEO said.

It seems the team did a brilliant job with the motor as users will now be able to control the vibration settings for calls and notifications. Users will get three options: “light,” “medium,” or “strong” intensity. Users will also have six different vibration patterns to choose from. Users will also be able to set the power of the motor when using the keyboard.

Before the confirmation from OnePlus, tipster Ishan Agarwal revealed that the Chinese company would add a “new and BETTER Vibration Motor for Haptic Feedback.”

Haptix motor fix based on user feedback

This change to the vibrations on the OnePlus 7 Pro comes in response to constant complaints from users. OnePlus users have raised concerns that the vibrations on the OnePlus 7 Pro are too weak and often result in missed notifications. Some users also complained about the vibrations being too inconsistent.

“I can barely even feel/hear my 5T vibrate when it’s out on a desk 6-12″ away from me. Almost never feel it in my pocket either. Having been an iPhone user for the previous 5-6 years…it’s completely terrible in comparison,” one user complained last year.

Last year a Reddit user even created a thread to petition the company to “please put a good vibration motor on upcoming devices.” The petition got almost 500 “upvotes” and 149 comments.

It is good to see that OnePlus is listening to user feedback and makes an effort to address it. Such small improvements help improve brand loyalty.

“We are constantly listening to feedback from the community on what features and characteristics they would like to see implemented on OnePlus phones. Their feedback helps us focus on certain features,” Lau told CNET.

An ultra-premium phone

T-Mobile revealed yesterday that it has exclusive rights to the OnePlus 7 Pro in the U.S. The Chinese company also posted an ad in The New York Times revealing part of the phone. The ad confirmed some of the long-rumored features of the upcoming phone, including a triple-lens rear camera, a full-screen front and notch-less display.

In addition to the triple-lens rear camera, the handset features a pop-up selfie camera. The phone also offers one of the highest refresh rates.

The OnePlus 7 Pro was believed to a premium phone, and this has been confirmed by the company’s CEO. The features it offers may move buyers away from iPhones and premium Android phones.

“Our goal with the OnePlus 7 Pro was to create the best phone possible in not just the premium tier, but the ultrapremium tier,” the CEO said.

However, one thing the phone lacks is an IP-certified water resistance rating. In defense of this, co-founder Carl Pei wrote on the company’s forum that the upcoming phone can withstand some exposure to water, including being dropped in a bucket. However, Pei noted that it does not have a rating as “the certification doesn’t help us communicate our focus on your real experience.”

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