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OnePlus 5 vs. Galaxy S8: App Opening Speed Comparison

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Now that the Galaxy S8’s are here and the Galaxy Note 8, is popping up in reports almost everywhere. It’s time to turn our attention to another highly anticipated smartphone, the OnePlus 5. A handset, for which a recent leak to Techradar has revealed its app load times, or more specifically how fast they are compared to the Galaxy S8. This leak supposedly shows the results of testing, here’s what you need to know about the results.

OnePlus 5 Vs. Galaxy S8

Since the Galaxy S8 launched, there have been speed tests of one kind or another popping up everywhere. In late April we reported on one that pitted the S8 Plus, against the iPhone 7 Plus, you can see the results here.

As for these new leaked test results, they appear to show that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer’s OnePlus 5 beating the Galaxy S8. Fior clarity that is for, far faster app loading times, not CPU, GPU, or RAM performance.

If you take a look at the chart, there are three devices, not just the Galaxy S8, and OnePlus 5, but also the Pixel XL. However, for the purpose of this article, we’re comparing the lasted Android flagship with one that is yet to be released. And that, unfortunately, rules out the XL.

Test Results

Asphalt 8: Airborne: It’s a popular title among Android gamers, and it was the first speed test to be conducted. The OnePlus 5 returned a time from tap to open of 12-seconds. Whereas, the Galaxy S8 took 16-seconds. Apparently, these are average times concluded over multiple tests.

If you want to know the Pixel XL result, it came in third place at 26-seconds, which is surely not good enough for a modern flagship.

Modern Combat 5: Next up, there’s another game, again one that is popular with gamers, And again the OnePlus 5 comes out on top, this time with an average loading time of 20-seconds. That’s compared to the S8’s 23-seconds and the XL’s 27-seconds.

Moving on to non-gaming applications, here are the results of two extremely popular apps, from tap to launch.

Facebook: Unlike the games tests, these results are much closer; however, the OnePlus 5 still comes out on top. From selecting to being able to use Facebook, the OnePlus took 3.913-seconds, the Galaxy S8 4.727-seconds, and the Pixel XL 5.124-seconds.

Gmail: Using the increasingly popular email application from Google, yet again the OnePlus 5 showed its speed, from tap to being useable it took 0.742-of a second. This process on the S8 took 1.027-seconds and on the Pixel 0.887-of a second.

So as you can see from the above four results, the Chinese manufacturer will deliver a device which bests, the current best. And, if you look at the chart below in further detail, it’s clear to see that it does so in all the tests. That includes the three other game load times, as well, as on apps like Google Maps, Spotify, Twitter, and Snapchat.

OnePlus 5 Details

Now, if these test results have you wanting to know more about the OnePlus 5, here’s a brief breakdown of what we know.

Launch Date: No specific date has been given, although the company has confirmed that this summer is likely. The rumor mill is suggesting that will be either sometime in June or July. However, if previous launches are anything to go by, the fact its predecessor launched in June 2016 could mean next month is it.

Specifications: OnePlus have never been shy of providing industry leading specs at an affordable price. Often a couple of hundred USD below the Likes of the iPhone and Samsung‘s flagships.

As such, we expect it to sport the SnapDragon 835 chipset, which is 64-bit and has an Octa-core CPU. Regarding screen size, there is yet to be a consensus, but, 5.5-inches is the current favorite among those who care. Additionally, the technology behind the display will be either QHD or AMOLED, we’d prefer Super-AMOLED, which, we’re not sure.

As an Android flagship, you would expect it to come with Nougat 7.1.1 out of the box, along with OxygenOS. That’s the companies skin on top of the open operating system. Next up, there’s a dual-sensor camera, which will feature 23-megapixels at the rear, and 16-megapixels at the front. Finally, there’s RAM; this is of particular interest as the OnePlus range has always led the way in this department. As such, we’re expecting either 6GB or 8GB, with the latter being more likely.

OnePlus 5 app launch times test

Source: TechRadar.

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