One Cryptocurrency movement determined to create a better universe

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Greedy executives are not known to care much about their employees. Workers and their families are often let down by corporate governance in favor of other stakeholders. The creation of a movement-oriented token called $STOPBEZOS by StopBezos is just the beginning for those wanting to create a better universe for workers.

Taking billionaires head on

StopBezos recently announced its intention to deploy its token, $STOPBEZOS, on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The token is also about to become available on PancakeSwap. This is the first cryptocurrency aimed at taking on billionaires.

Recently, StopBezos CEO, Jalal Alp, commented, “Join us in restoring working people’s rights. $STOPBEZOS is the first token released with a mission of taking billionaires head-on. The movement-oriented token helps in the effort to decentralize the governance within powerful corporations. Join us, and together we can create a better universe.”

Hard-working people are being steamrolled, and $STOPBEZOS is the community-based token created with the intent of stopping this. Their native coin is designed to enable charitable contributions. The company established its “Worker Fund” to allow everyone to become involved in the effort.

A series of large-scale events with token holders and supporters are planned by the movement. These aim to eventually lead to an entirely new system that allows people to stake traditional shares that gain returns from their $STOPBEZOS token. In a revolutionary move that encapsulates the supportive nature of the crypto sphere, the stake pool allows for governance executed through community polling.

Being on the right side

StopBezos has a published and verified smart contract source code. This is verified by BscScan and is available for public review. StopBezos has introduced what they call Honeypot Mechanics. This means that anyone can transact in the $STOPBEZOS tokens at any time. Funds are never locked or blacklisted, and hackers don’t stand a chance, ensuring all transactions are safe and secure.

In their effort to promote transparency, a fixed supply of $STOPBEZOS is guaranteed and no new tokens are to be minted. Anti-whale mechanics place a limit on the maximum acquisitions for each holder.

Other unique features of the cryptocurrency include advanced tokenomics, several charitable causes, and the generation of liquidity.

Each transaction of token transfers has a programmed burn that includes a hyper-deflationary buyback and an auto-burn by reflection mechanism. Each investor can buy, sell, or get rewarded for their holding, while each transaction makes a small donation of 1% toward helping workers and their families.

There are five phases in the rollout of the new cryptocurrency, leading to the availability of the movement’s digital currency on multiple platforms. About to make a historic launch in the history of cryptocurrencies, its CEO recently answered a question about where the company was headed. His reply: “To Jupiter. We intend to give control back to workers and the community. To StopBezos.” After all, the principle behind the cryptocurrency movement is a community initiative championed by their native token, $STOPBEZOS.

The workers’ fund at StopBezos was set up well ahead of the projected phase to quickly commence the work it is dedicated to. It aims to restore the rights of employees at large corporations, provide charitable contributions to worker funds, and is set to decentralize the traditional governance of large-scale businesses.

Incorporating cutting-edge token functions

Token transfers from wallet to wallet incorporate some of the most advanced and cutting-edge token functions available on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to date. Developers at StopBezos has ensured some of the finest features for the token, including its safe exchange. StopBezos have already worked with some of the biggest crypto pages on Twitter, including Furr with its 358.8K followers and Kimii with 147.1K followers.

Buying tokens is easy through any wallet that is compatible with Pancakeswap. Users need to download the Trust Wallet on an Android or iOS device. Thereafter it is straightforward to use. BNB can be transferred to the wallet from Binance on the BEP-20 network. The Trust Wallet can also be topped through the Smart Chain wallet.

Anyone can donate any BEP-20 token, including $STOPBEZOS and BNB Smart Chain to the StopBezos Charity Worker Fund and the other causes available on the StopBezos website.

For cryptocurrency holders, being safe, or #SAFU is imperative. This extremely advanced system of tokenomics offers its investors a frictionless yield, liquidity generation, and hyper-deflationary buyback. Investors earn just by holding, and its relative scarcity increases with the burn-on transaction which effectively removes tokens from the available supply. Above all, its charity mechanism ensures that a percentage goes to the worker fund, and token holders are rewarded. Holder rewards include additional burn wallets.

There is no end to the innovations crypto allows. As StopBezos launches, its unique features and plans ensure it is a groundbreaking and forward-thinking movement aimed at accomplishing its mission effectively. All it takes is buying and HODling $STOPBEZOS.