NYSSA Conference: Separating Winners From Losers

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On Thursday May 23 the New York Society of Security Analysts will host a conference entitled Separating Winners from Losers Among Value and Growth Stocks in Different US Exchanges, with a paper delivered by Dr. George Athanassakos. The NYSSA Conference will focus on Athanassakos findings on the identification of stocks with a value premium, and how to pick the stocks headed for growth.

NYSSA Conference

NYSSA Conference

The conclusions that Athanassakos makes in his paper of the same name makes the conference an attractive conference. According to his findings, based on analysis of a sample of stocks from May 1, 1969–April 30, 2011, value beats growth across all US exchanges. That means that those concentrating on short term growth stocks are losing out in the long run.

According to the program, “a composite indicator can be constructed from historical financial and market statistics which can forecast the winners among value and growth stocks.” That’s an incredible claim, and those at the conference will be able to study that particular idea in close proximity to its progenitor.

Dr. George Athanassakos is a professor of Finance at the Richard Ivey School of Business, and holds the Ben Graham Chair in Value Investing. His metric promises to allow a much quicker identification of stock value, allowing investors to make judgement calls on different stocks much more quickly and easily.

The conference will take place in the NYSSA Conference Center NYSSA, 1540 Broadway, Suite 1010, New York, and will begin at 6 PM local time, and last until 8 PM, including an half hour period at the end of the conference for networking.

Tickets to the conference are available at $35 for a member of the NYSSA, $55 for a virtual member of the organization, $25 for student members, and $55 for non members. The deadline for registering for the event is May 21.

Those wishing to attend the conference may register on the NYSSA website at this link. Those wishing to register by mail or fax can find information at the same page.

We will be attending the event and bringing you coverage of this NYSSA Conference.

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