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As Mobile Usage Soars, Your Business Needs To Prepare

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Mobile usage has become heavily prevalent among the population over the world. 58.7% of the world’s population – or about 4.3 billion people – is the estimated number of mobile phone users across the world by 2016. And despite the fact that the user growth has started slowing down, the number of mobile phone users is also predicted to rise up to 4.78 billion people by 2020.

In fact, the influence of mobile technology only continues to grow. For example, 84% of shoppers in physical stores use their smartphones to get information about products they want to buy.

There’s very little doubt why this big of a number has been reported for mobile usage. Mobiles provide its users with a wide range of abilities that were previously only available through separate means. With just one gadget that fits in everyone’s pockets, we are able to send messages, call, take pictures, record videos and audio, enjoy music, play games, watch, surf the Internet, and more.

Before cellphones, these capabilities were limited to one gadget each ability. However, more and more technological advancements have seen more and more improvements to mobile phones that are starting to be a worthy alternative to the bulkier platforms of before. It’s convenient not only towards the customers but also to the businesses.

It may be a negligible fact for most people – as it has been seen as a normal phenomenon that has become a byproduct of the rapid evolution of technology. However, business owners know that this immense usage of mobile technology in the society can have an equally massive impact on their sales as well, provided that they do it correctly. This has prompted a lot of companies to invest heavily in tools and techniques to ensure that they market their products and services on this niche effectively through mobile use.

To find out the different ways on how mobile technology can impact your sales, and if it can really change your business for the better, here are the key takeaways of the infographic on how mobile technology can impact sales by Healthy Business Builder:

  1. Omni-channel customer experience
  2. Convenient pop-up retail stores
  3. Improved marketing productivity
  4. More efficient sales team
  5. Improve lead conversion

Check out how you can implement these ways – which can lead you to more sales, better relevancy in your industry, smoother operations, and improved satisfaction of your customers with your business – with this infographic now!

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