Now You Can Add Labels And Stars From Gmail’s New Compose Window

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Gmail’s new compose window, which is still optional to upgrade, has received a new handy feature. The Gmail team announced on their Google+ page that you can now add labels and stars while you’re composing a message, instead of sending the message first and then adding it manually. This feature also works for Google Apps users.

Those who are using the new compose window can click on the “More options” menu in the in the bottom right corner and then hover over label to add one. You can also add a star from the same place, as you can see it in the below screenshot.


Stars are very handy to mark a conversation as an important one,  you can filter your email based on stars. Labels are also very useful, which you can add to emails, for example, Fun, Family, Invoices, Boss, etc.

It’s true that some users don’t like this new compose window, but such users have an option to switch back to the old compose window. Those who are using the new compose window will surely like this new feature which can be accessed right from the window, without navigating to any other place.

It seems Google doesn’t want to push out every feature at once. New features keep rolling out at regular intervals,  making Gmail better than ever. Such small improvements go a long way to make Gmail the preferred email service provider for many (including me!).

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