North Korea Suspected in Recent Sony Pictures Hacking Incident

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According to a December 1st report from ABC News, authorities are investigating the possibility that North Korea might have been involved in the recent hack at Sony Pictures.

Sony Pictures hacked North Korea

Sony Pictures had to shut down its computer systems for several days last week after a hacker group named the Guardians of Peace allegedly took over the firm’s internal network and threatened to release sensitive data.

Of note, copies of five of Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) (TYO:6758)’s movies (“Annie,” “Fury,” “Still Alice,” “Mr. Turner” and “To Write Love on Her Arms”) showed up online just days after the hack despite not being released in home video or, in several cases, even in theaters yet.

Given North Korea’s record of hacking and their vitriolic words about an upcoming Seth Rogan Sony release titled “The Interview” that focuses on the isolated nation, it’s pretty easy to put all the pieces together as to who might be behind the recent hacking.

Statement from Sony on investigating North Korea

Sony has been pretty tight lipped about the incident so far, but sources confirm that Sony investigation is focused on North Korea. The firm released a short statement to ABC News saying that the theft of its content “is a criminal matter and we are working closely with law enforcement to address it.”

More on The Interview

The North Korean government has voiced anger about an upcoming Sony Pictures comedy, “The Interview,” starring Seth Rogan and James Franco. The comedic film features the two men as visitors to North Korea plotting to assassinate the country’s leader Kim Jong Un.

The North Korean government-controlled news company published a news release Friday calling the upcoming movie an “evil act of provocation”, and saying the movie was an unforgivable act that deserved stern punishment.

Writer, actor and director Seth Rogan discussed the film a few months ago in an interview.

“It’s a tough subject matter, I think, but I think the best comedies do deal with what on the surface might be a tough subject to make light of,” Rogan commented, clearly choosing his words carefully in answering the question.

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