The Popular Nokia 3310 Is Making A Comeback At MWC 2017

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In day’s of old when smartphones weren’t sold, and iOS and Android had not been invented. There reigned a Finnish handset producer with a reputation for products that were simple to use and offered superior durability. Of course, the company we’re talking about is Nokia, and as far as its past durable handsets are concerned the Nokia 3310 reigned supreme! Oh, and a recent leak has revealed this handset could enter production again.

Nokia 3310’s ComeBack

Much like today, back in the early 2000’s there were many mobile phone manufacturers. However, in those day’s as we’ve already pointed out Nokia reigned, it churned out handset model, after handset model. But, as you may remember back then a phone was, well a phone! Yes, you could make a call, send a text and play Snake, but little else. This was before 3G, and even before the color screen, in fact, polyphonic ringtones had not even become mainstream.

So, with no bells and whistles to speak of, what could a handset like the Nokia 3310 have about it to become a worldwide phenomenon? Answered simply, durability! It could slip out of your coat, or jeans pocket hit the floor, smash against the curb even be submerged. Even with that kind of punishment on a daily basis, it would still work, no it wouldn’t be unscathed. But, it still could do its job, not something that almost any of today’s smartphones could profess too.

Now, according to information seen by Venturebeat, Nokia rights holder HMD Global will announce a relaunch of the handset at MWC 2017. If accurate, this would be a full 17-years after the handset first went on sale.

How Much will it Cost?

As for how much, we don’t have a definite price. However, somewhere in the region of €59 or $62 USD is thought o be close. Why this cheap? While this isn’t going to be an exact replica of the Nokia 3310, it is going to be true to its original nature. Meaning, it’s not going to be a tough smartphone, it’s no Android or even a feature phone.

Is there a Market?

Maybe in emerging markets, those without handsets that need data connections. Or possibly even some employers who only require their staff to be contactable. We imagine a durable and practical device like a Nokia 3310 could find a place with such users.

As for where it could be sold, will the likes of AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile have it on sale? We doubt it; instead, the likes of Amazon and Ebay could be possible selling points. However, the possibility of someone wanting a handset that is not only durable but also holds its charge for a week is likely.

So, watch this space and look out for our Mobile World Congress updates. Because as soon as HMD Global reveal anything about this handset or others like the Nokia 8 or P1. We will inform you straight away!

Did you own a Nokia 3310 back in the day, what do you most remember about this iconic handset? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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