Nokia 2011 Sustainability Report Focuses Society & Environment

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Nokia 2011 Sustainability Report Focuses Society & Environment

Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) has published its 2011 sustainability report, which entails ethical, socioeconomic, and environmental areas of concern.

According to the article published on Reuters these reports are of great interest to Nokia’s business partners and stakeholders. Nokia currently divides its actions between People and the Planet. Each section is equally important to the telecommunications company. For example, the People section describes several things including the effect mobile communications have on education, health, and well-being across the world. The planet section describes how Nokia devices are long lasting and explains their overall impact on the environment and strategy.

What makes Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) even more of a firm consisting of compassionate individuals is the fact that they consider the ability to access communication and information is a right not a privilege. In many ways, this is so true. Without mobile communication devices, that Nokia provides the ability to make essential communication during emergencies, natural disasters, or during any urgent need would be virtually impossible. As Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elcop said, mobile communications has the power to make public life stronger and empowers citizens around the globe. As technology, advances as we move on in the 21st century vital mobile communication companies like Nokia are a necessity for humanity to advance in future generations.

The sustainability report goes into detail to describe where Nokia is the most influential in society and the environment. Nine key topics were discussed in 2011 all of these are reviewed in the report. Some of the topics included are improving people’s lives with technology, the impact Nokia has on economics, labor and social concerns in Nokia operations, and social issues. It is quite refreshing to see that a company as well-known as Nokia takes pride in its green friendly policies. If more companies took this same, approach so much could be done to help keep our environment healthy.

In addition to their green policies and effect on society, some other details of their sustainability report include helping their employees find other jobs after having to cut back on personnel due to downsizing. This here alone is a big plus for any company, as most do not even offer such a service. Nokia has a dedication to bringing the internet and information to the next billion people going back to Mr. Elcop’s dedication to making mobile communications a right.

Overall Nokia strives to improve the quality of their customers and the environment across the globe. Being dedicated to such visions is something that should be noted for any company. Since 2002, Nokia has published their corporate responsibility reports such as the sustainability report published in 2011. Nokia’s dedication to the environment goes back to 1998 when their first environment activity report was published. A global leader in the mobile communications industry Nokia’s products have become a vital part of many people’s lives across the world. Currently 1.3 billion people use Nokia products every day to communicate and keep in touch. The Nokia brand has been recognized around the world due to its diligent efforts and will no doubt grow as it moves forward for the benefit of future generations.

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