Nintendo Working On SNES Mini, Plans To Launch It Before Christmas [REPORT]

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Nintendo is planning to follow up its popular NES micro-console with a mini version of the SNES before the end of the year, says Eurogamer, citing sources familiar with the matter. When it comes to Nintendo-related rumors, Eurogamer has a solid track record. Last summer, it was able to correctly report the Nintendo Switch concept, calling it a “portable, handheld console with detachable controllers.”

NES Classic made the way for SNES mini

In July 2016, the Japanese gaming giant announced the NES Classic, which was a small version of the original Nintendo console that works with modern TVs without any issues and features wired controllers and over 30 built-in games. The console was great, as the gamer did not have to worry about any software update, day-one patches or compatibility issues.

The NES mini was, however, discontinued, despite its sell-out status and continued popularity, which is possibly the main reason the gaming giant is now reportedly planning to release a SNES mini.

“NES mini shipments continued into the early part of this year, but its production run could not be extended further – as SNES mini was slated for production instead,” said Eurogamer

Last week, Nintendo explained that it never wanted the NES Classic edition to be a permanent product. According to the company, the console was planned as a perfect product for Christmas 2016, and the numbers in which it was produced and sold were expected to be sufficient to suit this aim. The plug-and-play console carried a $60 price tag.

What to expect with the Nintendo SNES Mini

Eurogamer says that the micro-console is slated to release in time for Christmas. A re-released SNES with built-in games will attract a huge market and sell pretty well during Christmas sales, offering gamers, both old and young, access to a range of classic games like The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Street Fighter II Turbo, Super Metroid, and Super Mario World.

In addition, the report says that the Japanese company will probably stick with a simple plug-and-play setup for the micro NES. The SNES mini, which probably will be called the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System, is still a work-in-progress, according to sources.

The NES Classic was Nintendo’s first home console; hence, it will always remain special, but the SNES mini will be more exciting owing to a better software line-up and more advanced catalog of classic games. Though as of now there is no information on the number of games, their names, or any other info, it is known that there’s no shortage of classic titles on the system.

We just hope that the gaming company will be more considerate of gamers this time around and make the SNES mini available in more stock to prevent a repeat of stock shortages. We also expect the upcoming console to retain good points of its predecessor, like allowing players to pick up where they left off (without entering passwords or keeping the console on all night), and discard negative points like short cables.

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