Nintendo NX To Be About Content Not Power

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The Nintendo NX is scheduled for release in March next year, and while details or specifications are thin on the ground, it appears they are concentrating more on providing good content than a turbo powered console.

Make you smile, not blow you away with power

Reggie File-Aime, the Nintendo America President has been talking to Bloomberg and the topic of the NX came up in relation to other consoles due for release soon. (Sony have the PS4 Neo and Microsoft have the Xbox Scorpio.)

When asked how the console would compare to these two future releases, File-Aime stated, “for us, it’s not about specs, it’s not about teraflops, it’s not about the horsepower of a particular system.” He continued, “for us, it’s about the content. Nintendo is a content focused company, we create content that makes people smile.”

He gave the impression he had no interest in getting into a metaphorical arms race with the two gaming giants and instead they would concentrate on what they do best.

“So for us we’re focused on bringing our best entertainment to both the Wii U as well as the NX in the future. So for us, whatever Microsoft and Sony are doing in terms of talking about new systems, that’s for them to fight out in that red ocean.”

Nintendo’s previous releases have never packed the same horsepower punch as their rivals, instead relying on unique technology to attract and retain customers.

Both the Wii and Wii U were under-powered compared to their rivals, but from its launch Wii’s unique technology was compelling enough to not let a lack of power damage its success.

The Wii U probably lacked a sufficient USP and thus was neither here nor there, and was less successful as a result.

If the NX has no interest in challenging on power, we can assume that Nintendo has something special up its sleeve to make the NX a compelling proposition.

Nintendo NX to feature VR?

There were rumors that original NX release date had been pushed back so that they could look to incorporate VR (virtual reality) into the console. This VR idea was mentioned to File-Aime and he responded.

“We’ve been looking at the VR space since the days of the Virtual Boy,” he replied. “With us, we want to make sure our next content is going to be mainstream, mass-market approachable, and when something like VR is at that point, you can expect Nintendo to be there.”

That leaves a big question mark. Is virtual reality mainstream enough yet? Probably not. So does that mean we are expecting too much if we want the NX to have VR capabilities?

However, all is not lost, File-Amie reminded us that it is worth noting that Nintendo have made various technologies mainstream with their own products in the past. The Wii, as mentioned, bought the motion technology to the mass market, “There was a lot of gyroscopic technology out there in the marketplace, but it took the Wii and the Wii remote to really make it mainstream,” he explained.

Also, if you cast your minds back to the DS, that was the first widely used touch screen technology. The proposition had been around for a long time but in terms of mainstream interaction with the technological capability, many people’s first experience would have been with the dual screen hand help game.

We await further information from Nintendo to clarify one way or another, but excitement for the NX is growing.

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