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Nintendo NX Delay Could Be Beneficial In Long Run

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Nintendo is on the rebound, at least they hope to with the release of the highly-anticipated console, the Nintendo NX. Over the past several years, Nintendo has had a rough go of it. What with the complete disaster that was the Wii U, the company is yearning for its Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and N64 days of gold.

Despite their failures, however, the company remains one of the most important and beloved video game companies in the world, and people are excited to see what the Japanese company is planning on bringing to the table. As such, Nintendo is absolutely putting their all into this last push before the release of the NX.

Regardless of the company’s trouble, people still love Nintendo. It is absolutely on of the most important video game companies in the world. Millions upon millions of gamers are anxiously awaiting the Nintendo NX, and we have some great news: it’s almost here.

Will the Nintendo NX be delayed for a few months?

Despite recent rumors suggesting a surprise release at some point this months, however, there might be more credence behind the notion that the console will release early next year. Ever since the consoles announcement, nothing has been confirmed about the console, apart from its infamous March 2017 release date, writes Paul Tassi for Forbes. Would Nintendo actually benefit by sticking to their promised release date?

Nintendo has confused their entire video game community by remaining extremely tight-lipped about the NX, despite at one point saying that they would discuss the console in order to control expectations. And yet, the holiday season is almost upon us and nothing has been said. As time goes on, it seems as if the Japanese company is slowly losing their window in which to properly launch the console.

Announcing a console now when there is less than half a year until release is not enough time for proper promotion, as a hasty release will not build up enough hype for Nintendo to make the sales they hope to.

Additionally, releasing a console in March is a strange choice in itself. One would think that Nintendo would want to time their console to release during a time of the year in which more people would consider buying it, i.e. the holiday season or beginning of the summer.

On top of all this, Nintendo might find problems if it does decide to unveil the console this year. For one, officially announcing the console in the midst of a holiday season when the NX itself won’t even be available is maybe not the best course of action. What’s the point in announcing it in such a busy time of the year when people can’t even get their hands on it?

Why Nintendo might benefit from delaying the NX

At this point, one can argue that Nintendo would benefit much more from just moving the March 2017 release date altogether. The reasoning behind this argument has a few reasons. Announcing a new console during a time in which there have already been several new console announced this year would not allow the Nintendo NX to shine in itself.

As such, Nintendo might benefit from releasing the NX during a time in which there are less console options for consumers. If the company were to stick with its original March 2017 release date, they might be giving up larger profits.

Some writers seem to believe that Nintendo should wait to announce the NX until January 2017, and then debut the console at some point in June. This timeframe would allow Nintendo the time to ready their console, as well as build hype and anticipation properly.

What Nintendo should do is schedule a “Nintendo Direct” event for sometime early next year. This would allow fans to put aside the rumors and speculation and know for sure that an announcement is coming. Announcing in January allows Nintendo to avoid the saturated holiday season, and in January, the NX would be in the spotlight by itself.

E3 could prove to be the ultimate promotional tool for the Nintendo NX

If Nintendo decides to announce the console early next year, it would obviously come with a delay for the NX. It is not a sound idea to officially announce a console then release it mere months later. As such, a good option in this case would be to announce it early next year, then release it in the early summer, perhaps directly after the E3 conference in June.

Considering that the NX could release with some great AAA titles such as Zelda and Pokémon, Nintendo could be most exciting release of the summer, which is a period usually devoid of massive video game console releases.

If the console was announced early next year, it would allow Nintendo to show up at E3 with a ton of good-to-go games, which in itself would stir interest the NX massively. E3 would serve as the ultimate promotional tool for the console, and then Nintendo would be able to start selling the console immediately after.

Furthermore, it can only be speculated that the reason why Nintendo has not yet released an announcement is simply because it is not ready yet. To quote the great Shigeru Miyamoto, “a delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is bad forever.”

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