Nintendo NX Confirmed Games, Release Date And Other News

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The Nintendo NX is not the only console that will be launched over the next year and a half, as we also have the PlayStation Neo, which is due out next month and the Xbox Project Scorpio, which is expected at some point next year. However, it is Nintendo that has its fans the most excited right now due to the confirmation of which titles will be available for the Nintendo NX when it launches.

The Nintendo NX

If you have been keeping an eye on the rumors surrounding Nintendo’s next console, then you know that not much has been made official. However, this has not stopped people from sharing their opinions about its specifications.

Early rumors suggested that it would be much less powerful than Sony’s PlayStation Neo. Instead, focusing on being a hybrid console/handheld device which would be powered by the Tegra X1 CPU, which many critics dubbed it as not powerful enough to cope with high-end graphics, which as such would make the Nintendo NX little more than a child’s toy.

However, as tends to happen, the opinions of the critics have changed due to the rumors that it won’t be the Tegra X1 powering the NX. Instead, it could be a new, more powerful Tegra X2 chip that will make the console rival the power of the PlayStation Neo.

Throw in the suggestion from a member of the Nintendo board that the company is working on/researching virtual reality as a gaming possibility, and the Nintendo NX suddenly looks like a more promising next-generation gamer option.

Nintendo NX Mario Game
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Games confirmed for the NX

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: This game is probably one of the most talked-about, and it has now been confirmed to be the first game that will appear on the Nintendo NX. It is thought that this latest Zelda game will be made available for both the Wii U and the Nintendo NX.

Dragon Quest XI: Square Enix has reiterated its plans to launch this much talked-about game on the Nintendo NX as well. The creator of Dragon Quest XI, Yuji Horii, has also confirmed that the RPG game will be released on the replacement console for the Wii U, and this now removes any doubt about the publisher’s commitment to Nintendo’s next device.

Rumors suggest that the game could be released be on May 27, 2017 in Japan, but no information on a release date in the U.S. is currently available. However, the game is expected to launch on Nintendo NX competitor devices like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One S as well.

Other games that have also been confirmed for the Nintendo NX are Just Dance 2017, a Sonic the Hedgehog game and Drangon Quest X. Other games, such as new Pokemon and Mario titles — which no Nintendo console would be complete without — are said to be arriving up to six months after the console’s launch.

As for other non-confirmed games, according to gamereactor, the team behind the SteamWorld Collection has confirmed that it will be releasing a version of their games SteamWorld Dig and SteamWorld Heist in one package for the Nintendo Wii U and the PlayStaion 4.

When asked whether they would do so for the Nintendo NX as well, the response was, “At some point, we will develop for that platform,” but no solid details were given.

Mari Kart VR – a possibility?

Nintendo Enthusiast seem to like the idea of a Nintendo NX with virtual reality gaming as an option. However, mostly they are talking about playing Mario Kart in an immersive environment.

Mario has been a huge hit for decades now, so it would seem right that it makes the move over to what many consider to be the next evolution of gaming. As for racing games that have already received the VR treatment, there is GT Sport VR and Driveclub VR, which have been tested and work great on the PlayStation VR headset. Seeing as Mario Kart is an arcade racer, it is thought that the game would easily be adaptable to VR and that newcomers would be able to grasp it quite quickly due to the controls being pretty basic.

Will Mario Kart make it to a hypothetical Nintendo NX with VR capabilities? When you think about it, the game would more than likely be one of the safest games for Nintendo to use if and when it introduces its VR tech.

Nintendo NX or Nintendo Focus?

Hot off the rumor mill press is this latest rumor about the name of the console. According to chatter on the message boards over at 4Chan, users who claim to have some unknown insight claim that the console could be called the Nintendo Focus! However, this post/board has since disappeared.

Nintendo NX release date and price

Concerning more news about the console itself, there is nothing new at the moment, and Nintendo is trying to keep as much information as possible secret.

As for a release date, it is believed the Nintendo NX will launch on March 10, 2017. Concerning price, yet again, there is no official news on this, but a price somewhere between $300 and $350 is thought to be realistic.

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