Next Insurance Launches Chatbot On Facebook Messenger To Replace The Insurance Agent

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Digital Insurance Provider Becomes First to Offer Small Businesses an Easy Way to Buy Insurance on Facebook Via Chatbot

(Palo Alto, March 14, 2017) Next Insurance, a leading digital insurance company for small businesses, announced today the launch of a new insurance chatbot that will enable personal trainers to quote and buy insurance via Facebook Messenger. Next partnered with SmallTalk, a leading chatbot developer, to become the first company to provide full service insurance via a social channel. The launch further expands the company’s digital offering for small businesses empowering customers to access the most tailored insurance policies with unprecedented speed and ease.

Next Insurance

The small business sector is vast and extremely varied, yet the small business insurance market is digitally underserved, monopolized by agents optimized for sales, and dominated by generic policies that do not align with the nuances of each individual sector. Next Insurance has developed a direct link with small business owners enabling the company to create uniquely tailored insurance programs built with the actual business owners’ needs in mind. Next utilizes direct access with their customers via an online platform that accomplishes in minutes what is now taking days and even weeks. Leading a paradigm shift in small business insurance, this pipeline is creating the data pool necessary to identify the ideal policies, correct prices, and to perfect processes that lead to happier customers and a higher bottom line for insurance companies.

“Small business owners are uniquely vulnerable to litigation, yet the insurance services on offer are shockingly inadequate. From being improperly priced to failing to account for fundamental needs, there is something broken in small business insurance, and we’re excited to be utilizing digital channels to solve it,” said Guy Goldstein, Co-Founder and CEO of Next. “70% of our customers are buying insurance on their phones. Enabling customers to buy insurance through a chatbot on Facebook Messenger brings simplicity, transparency and easy access. We’re making sure that insurance is working for the small business owner and not the reverse.”

SmallTalk works with enterprise customers to help them identify where bots can drive new revenue or bring efficiencies to business processes.  SmallTalk is a full-service builder of enterprise-focused chatbots that supports the entire bot process from strategy to design to development and maintenance.

“Bots are the future of communication for businesses that prioritize the customer experience and we’re excited to see the impact this technology can have in the insurance sector,” said Alex Kaplinsky of SmallTalk. “Next is bringing a powerful digital approach to an industry that desperately needs it, and it is an incredible testament to the power of bot technology to redefine the way we view and engage with some of the largest and most traditional industries.”

About Next Insurance:

Next Insurance is transforming small to medium business insurance with its tailored, personalized approach. Revolutionizing the traditional insurance processes, Next Insurance has partnered with trusted insurance providers to give small businesses policies that are tailored to the uniquely specific elements of each small business sector. Utilizing big-data technology, Next Insurance uses valuable insights into consumer behavior to identify the right policy at the right price that leads to happier customers.

Founded in 2016 by a team of serial entrepreneurs, the company is headquartered in Palo Alto and received $13 million seed funding from Ribbit Capital, TLV Partners and Zeev Ventures. For more information, visit

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