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Shanghai Stock Exchange has distributed “Stock Share Option Industry Report” to its securities members. Report noted, in January 2018, Shanghai Exchange 50 ETF, daily deal has reached 1.29 million, with an increase of 13.74%, the highest trading day since the establishment of SH50ETF.

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One of the Private Equity Investors disclosed, with the climb in price of SH50ETF in 2017, funds are coming in from everywhere. Staring at the in-market ETF Share Option. Some of the Quantitative funds has been join in the game to look for a share of the profit.

With the increase interest from the investors, SH50ETF has progressed itself. By the end of January, there are more than 260 thousand investor accounts. With 2126 new broker accounts. With 84 securities, 23 CTA brokers. ETF in China will be, also soon to be one of the largest in the world.

CaishiV will be hosting the 2nd Real Estate Equity Investment & REITs, with support from our long-term partners, such as AIMA, CFA, CHFA and CAIA. For the past years, CaishiV have managed to reach out to more than 5000 management positions, company leaders and industry leaders. They provide the industry leading conference management. They have managed to invite the top investors, firms and fund managers, totaling 400 attendees from hedge fund investors predicted for this event, quantitative investors, private bank officials, family offices managements and asset management CXOs will also be attending, you are more than welcome to talk to them during the event. They will share their thoughts, opinions and prediction for the future.

In 2018, the topics will be: The Future of Smart Beta, Thematic ETFs will Play a Big Role in 2018, Bitcoin ETF, Will ESG ETF Do a good job in emerging markets, Gold ETF and Bond ETFW, Quantitative investment in ETF; Equity ETF - How to Actively Manage You, Equity Portfolios, Data Mining + Tech Innovation, AI in ETF, Should We Add Blockchain Inside, What Kind of Strategy will be Most Attractive in Emerging Markets; Cross-border ETF Investment, Profit form Global ETFs…

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