Newegg Now Offers Customer Support On Facebook Messenger

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Newegg announced Wednesday that it’s offering customer service through Facebook Messenger, and with this, it has become one of the first retailers to integrate with the social media platform for business. The leading tech-focused online retailer already offers a breadth of support options via SMS text message, phone, email and chat.

Newegg on Facebook Messenger

Over the past few months, Facebook has continued to expand its messaging platform. The social media giant added the ability to get flight updates and boarding passes from KLM, share Spotify playlists, and order Lyft and Uber rides alongside nearly 50 other apps integrated with the platform.

Facebook Messenger has been used as a medium of customer support since it started letting businesses chat with their customers (and vice-versa). Some of the companies that have started doing so are Zulily, Everlane, Hyatt and Sprint, among others.

According to Newegg’s senior vice president of sales and marketing ,Merle McIntosh, Newegg sees Messenger as the next medium to improve its customer relations. The company is investing heavily in mobile to make it easier for customers to use their apps (iOS and Android).

Newegg will address complaints immediately

On Wednesday, the retailer said that one can simply start a conversation with a representative via its Facebook Page. If customers need to speak with Newegg to get information about their order status, exchanges, returns, and any other issues, they can simply search for the company within Messenger or can visit the company’s Facebook page and send a message to the support team.

According to its website, customer support through Messenger will be available in real-time during its business hours Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Eastern and Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern. Messages received within business hours will be dealt with immediately, while messages received after business hours will be responded to on the following business day, says Newegg.

So if you are angry or pleased with the product you can even add an angry or happy emoji. Also if you are wondering why the shipment of your product is taking so much time, you now know where to head to: Facebook Messenger.

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