New Tesla Model 3 Interior Images Could Concern You

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Tesla unveiled its mass-market electric car, the Model 3, earlier this year. We have seen the official press shots of the interior of the electric car before, but recently, Electrek stumbled across new photos of the Model 3 that provide us with a cleaner look of the interior of the car and also raise some questions.

Should you be concerned about the new Model 3 images?

The latest picture gives us an updated and more certain look of what the EV firm has in store for its long-awaited mass-market car. The feature that stands out the most is the car’s rectangular touchscreen. The touchscreen is oriented differently and is a little smaller than the 17-inch touchscreen that comes standard on the Model X and Model S. You can view the images here.

It is nice to see an updated picture of the Model 3, but the image leaves many important questions about the Model 3 unanswered. On close inspection, it appears that the Model 3 does not have a traditional instrument cluster, which is standard on all cars. This means that Model 3 owners who want to check their current speed or remaining range, will presumable have no option but to glance over at the center console. Thus, they will have to take their eyes off the road in the process, notes BGR.

Tesla has already moved nearly all of the controls in the Model S to the center touchscreen. For the Model 3, the same was supposed to happen, but the automaker is now apparently removing the instrument cluster and air vents from the dash, leaving virtually nothing.

Why such a move from Tesla?

So why did Tesla choose to eliminate the instrument cluster? Is the automaker simply attempting to cut corners to ensure that it meets its projected price point of $35,000? Perhaps not. Many believe that in a world where cars are automated and require no drivers, there is no need for a traditional instrument cluster.

Also there is a rumor that the final shipping version of the Model 3 will feature a heads-up display on the windshield, notes BGR. It is not known if this feature will be an add-on at extra cost or if it will come standard on all Model 3 cars. Nevertheless, Tesla CEO Elon Musk did tried to assure prospective buyers that it will all ultimately make sense.

Another point worth noting is the lack of air vents, or at least visible air vents, notes Electrek. During the reveal of the Model 3 in March, a Tesla engineer referred to the car’s HVAC system as a “really unique ventilation system without traditional vents but only a single slot.”

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