Topeka, Kansas Has A “Candy Crush” With Opening Of New Mars Factory

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Americans, specifically, because Mars Inc. has stated that the factory, the first it has built in 35 years, will primary supply domestic Snickers and M&M demand. The media, and health officials have spoken of an obesity epidemic in the States and its not just Wendy’s Baconators and 7-11’s “Ridiculous Gulps” that are doing the damage.

Production output

What is the domestic demand for Snickers? Well, the factory will be able to pump out 14 million bite-size Snickers bars each day while making 39 million M&M’s or the equivalent of roughly 1.5 million fun-sized packs at the same time. That’s considerably more than you need on hand to entertain the neighborhood kids on Halloween, assuming kids are stilled allowed to celebrate the holiday come October in this politically correct world.

The company expects the factory to not only be churning out candy but keeping 200 people in its employ for the next fifty years in the Topeka area. Quite simply, when you start opening a huge store in Times Square, people are eating M&M’s. The company also plans to open an M&M Store in Topeka, to join its stores around the world.

Topeka for business

Gov. Sam Brownback was in attendance along with dozens of white-clad employees to watch the ceremonial lever turn to began production at the factory that cost $250 million to build.

“Somebody doesn’t put this kind of money in without having a long-term strategy,” Brownback said after the ceremony. “They see a long-term, solid play.”

“There is little reason to suggest that, all of a sudden in the U.S., people will start to dislike chocolate,” he said. Presently, the other factories that Mars has in the United States are running at full capacity. The factory at present will operate 24 hours a day for 5 days with the ability to run a sixth day in the future.

“I don’t want to say to my customers that I can’t fulfill their orders,” Sandler said during the ceremony.

“Topeka will allow me the freedom to build the business in the U.S.” said Mars Chocolate North America President Debra Sandle earlier today.

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