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As Apple continues to work internally on the iPhone 6S, some new concept images which tease the device have emerged. While it has not even been settled whether Apple will refer to this device as the iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S, it is clear that it will be released before the end of 2015, and some analysts believe that it will be dubbed the iPhone 6S. This would indicate that the device in question is considered an upgraded version of last year’s iPhone 6, rather than a revolutionary reboot of the concept which would be indicated by an iPhone 7 branding.

Apple releases iPhone 6S from position of strength

With Apple having enjoyed an absolutely stellar 2014, there is absolutely no pressure on the corporation to push the boat out with the release of the next generation iPhone. Apple is currently in a unique market and financial position, and the corporation really does not need to take any risks considering the solidity of its existing fundamentals.

In 2014, Apple became the first ever corporation to achieve a $700 billion market capitalization figure; no mean feat considering that the consumer electronics giant has exceeded companies in much larger traditional industries. Additionally, Apple achieved the highest single-quarter profit in business history during Q4 2014.

And the market analysis organization Gartner has recently recognized that Apple is outselling its rival Samsung in pure volume terms. Apple has for some time been more profitable than Samsung, but with the Korean corporation relying upon more affordable device releases in East Asia in particular, the fact that Apple’s great success in China has enabled the corporation to overtake Samsung in pure volume of sales is unquestionably a massive achievement.

So the iPhone 6S arrives into a context in which Apple is absolutely dominant in consumer electronics. And it is thus interesting and tantalizing that the concept images which we have been offered from a well-known Apple concept artist also come complete with a series of presumed specifications.

Kiarash Kia will certainly be a well-known name among Apple fans. Kia has also previously worked on concept images for mobile devices by other manufacturers, with his visions for a Samsung Galaxy A9 and HTC One L Prime among his recent efforts. But his latest venture is an iPhone 6S concept which can be seen in images in this article, and even these pictures are merely predecessors of 3-D renders which the artist has promised for later this year.

Slender iPhone 6S predicted

As you can see, the version that Kiarash has produced here is a pink iPhone 6S, which could be designated as rose gold by the corporation itself. This particular model of the iPhone 6S is 7.1 mm thick, and it weighs in at a slender 140g. It is constructed from aluminum, and the Home button noticeably differs in shape from the iPhone 6 which was released in 2014.

Kia suggests that the iPhone 6S will run off an Apple A9 64-bit processor, and also feature a 5.2-inch IPS LCD display with HD resolution and an anti-scratch layer. Apple will probably be paying particular heed to this last quality, and there are persistent rumors that, having introduced sapphire glass in the Apple Watch, the corporation will now include this particularly durable material in the iPhone 6S when it is released.

The concept images also suggest that a 12-megapixel rear camera will be utilized in the Apple smartphone. The camera in question comes complete with 1.6 micron crystals, LED flash, and 2K video capture, and there is a significantly improved 3.2-megapixel front-facing camera. This suggests that the selfie-taking capabilities of the iPhone 6S will be significantly improved over previous models of the device.

iPhone 6S camera rumors

However, it is notable that if the specifications come to fruition that some of the more eye-catching rumors related to the iPhone 6S will not emerge this year. There been a particular analyst focus on the camera which will be included in this Apple handset, and there have been frequent suggestions that Apple is internally working on producing a DSLR professional-quality snapper to be included in the iPhone range. Reports have also emerged which indicate that Apple is currently attempting to develop a unique periscope device for the iPhone 6S, but Kia seemingly believes that both of these concepts will be held back until next year.

Finally, the iPhone 6S in question has a 2,050 mAh battery and is expected to run iOS 9. There is nothing particularly out of the ordinary in this, but it could be suggested that the battery is a little smaller than would be expected. This would be a significantly larger unit than the non-removable Li-Po 1,810 mAh battery that was included in the iPhone 6, but with Apple being forced to field criticism about the battery life of its previous flagship smartphone, many fans of the corporation had hoped for a weightier cell to be included this time out.

However, with power saving functionality built into the iOS 9, it is possible that Apple could view a relatively small increase in the size of the iPhone battery as being sufficient. IOS 9 reportedly delivers improved power efficiency which increases the battery life of Apple units by around 30 percent, so a relatively small increase in battery size such as this could nonetheless result in a 50 percent longer battery life, although an increase in screen resolution would likely have some impact on this figure.

An interesting physical addition to this device is a quad notification lighting feature, and it also appears that there are LEDs included in the corners of the handset. It is certainly a striking design, and fans of Apple might also noted that the bezels which flank the iPhone screen are extremely slim in this device. Previous reports have suggested that Apple will dispense completely with bezels when the iPhone 6S is released, in order to enable the corporation to either decrease the size of the device or increase the display included within it.

The concept images will have whet the appetite of Apple fans, and we now have only a few months to wait for the real thing.

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