New Video Gives Closest And Clearest Look Yet At All iPhone 11 Models

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We have already seen numerous leaks, rumors and reports detailing almost every specification, feature and design that the 2019 iPhones will have. However, a new leak may provide the clearest look yet at the upcoming iPhones via a new iPhone 11 video.

This new iPhone 11 video comes from YouTuber MKBHD (Marques Brownlee), who said he got his hands on a dummy iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone 11R. These dummy iPhone 11 models were created by Sonny Dickson on the basis of leaks and rumors about the 2019 iPhones.

We have already seen the new camera bump design that the new iPhones are expected to have, but the iPhone 11 video provides a closer look at this controversial design, which is expected house three lenses on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max.

More importantly, the video backs up the claim that the iPhone 11R will have the same bump as its more premium siblings. However, the iPhone 11R will likely have a dual-lens camera setup (from a single-lens camera setup earlier), while the other two models are expected to be upgraded to a triple-lens array.

The video does not corroborate the “frosted glass” design rumors which have been going around lately. In February, trusted Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo was the first to talk about the “frosted glass” design. However, there hasn’t been much talk about such a design since. Another rumored design change the video did not show is the redesigned mute switch.

Overall, the video suggests a design similar to those of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max with a Lightning port, asymmetrical bottom speakers, and a notch to house “new” sensors for a faster Face ID. Even the display size is the same as on the predecessors. Brownlee referred to the new iPhone design as a “pretty underwhelming update.”

Apple is expected to debut three iPhones in September, including successors to the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. The new iPhones will likely be the first to feature triple-lens camera systems and a system-wide dark mode. Privacy enhancements and a performance boost are also expected.

As far as the camera specifications, there is expected to be a standard RGB sensor and a telephoto lens, which rumors suggest will offer 3x optical zoom. The third lens is rumored to be a wide-angle lens. Apple may be a bit late to add multiple camera sensors, but with three sensors, it is important that the image quality offered is at least on par with what is offered by Huawei, Samsung and OnePlus.

The iPhone 11R could sport a dual-lens camera setup. MKBHD hopes the iPhone maker will add a wide-angle lens for the secondary camera and use computational techniques to maintain image quality when the zoom is used.

For the front camera, all three iPhones are speculated to feature a single camera sensor housed in the same-sized notch as last year. Apple is expected to boost the front camera from 7MP to 10MP, while the rear camera could feature 14MP and 10MP lenses. Specifications of the third camera lens are not known for now.

There are also rumors that Apple will ditch 3D Touch on all three iPhones because it is an underutilized feature. To compensate, Apple is expected to add a few extra features, such as reverse wireless charging, better-sounding speakers and bigger batteries.

Further, the standard iPhone 11 is expected to feature a 5.8-inch screen and measure 143.9 x 71.4 x 7.8mm. However, at the camera bump, the thickness will reportedly be 9mm. Although the size of the display will likely be the same, the new iPhone could have smaller bezels. There is some confusion over the iPhone 11 Max’s screen.

One report suggests it will have the same-sized display as the iPhone XS Max. Another report claims Apple may increase the screen size to 6.7 inches. Leaked CAD images of the three iPhones reveal a screen size of 5.8 inches for the iPhone 11, 6.1 inches for the iPhone 11R and 6.5 inches for the iPhone 11 Max. Further, the iPhone 11R could feature an LCD screen, while the other two will reportedly be OLED models.

As far as what colors to expect, reports suggest the iPhone 11 will come in space grey, gold, silver and blue. The iPhone 11R is rumored to come in new lavender and green shades, plus black, white, yellow and red. This could mean that the coral and blue colors will be dropped.

It is largely expected that the new iPhones will arrive in September as usual. However, a leaked marketing calendar from Verizon suggests a launch later than usual, in the third or fourth week in September.

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