Adapting to New Fixed Income Realities

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Adapting to New Fixed Income Realities By Robert Robie, SVP, Director of Global Fixed Income Analytics, FactSet

In an environment where we’ve seen historically low rates over historic periods of time, one of the challenges that fixed income investors continue to face is the search for yield.


Investment managers that may have once focused on a particular area of the fixed income spectrum are now looking across the entire market. They’re evaluating structured products, bank loans, credit default swaps, derivatives, currencies, you name it, and in order to meet clients’ demands, managers are considering it.

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But the search for yield is not the only challenge facing fixed income. The regulatory environment in the Americas, Europe, and Asia has also put pressure on banks, broker-dealers, and other types of sell-side institutions.

These pressures are increasingly difficult to ignore. As a result, fixed income investment managers may be considering not only new asset classes and investment vehicles but new tools and strategies to meet or maintain the levels of return they’ve seen historically.

Strategies for Success

At our upcoming webcast, Adapting to Changes in the Fixed Income and Multi-Asset Class Markets, I will be part of a panel discussing this quickly changing industry and which tools and approaches are most critical in this period of change.

During this webcast, you’ll hear about the key components to successful fixed income and multi-asset class investment analysis from FactSet’s global experts. Learn what unexpected details to look for in a new solution and how to provide continuity to your investment process throughout the platform transition.

  • Planning for coverage of your current range of assets – and beyond
  • Minimizing stresses on your time and resources during and after onboarding
  • Meeting the needs of disparate teams with a single system
  • Eliminating the burden of manually processing your firm’s data and analytics
  • Creating a support system for your team to boost efficiency and performance

Regardless of where your fixed income investment process is focused, you need choice and flexibility. See how to make the best choices now for what’s ahead when you register for this informative webcast.

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