What Netflix, Inc. Subscribers Think Of Third-Party Ads [SURVEY]

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Netflix subscribers are ready to watch ads during video streams–if the online streaming company beefs up its content library by adding more TV shows and movies, according to a recent survey. The views of 100 Netflix users were considered in the survey, which was conducted by Exstreamist.

Subscribers OK with ads, want more content

In the recent survey, 54% of Netflix subscribers stated that they would not mind third-party ads if more content was added. There is no doubt that Netflix offers some of the best content in the world, but shaky licensing contracts keep altering which TV shows and movies are available on the platform. Further, the study suggested that subscribers can live with ads if they could watch hit TV series immediately on Netflix rather than having to wait almost a year.

Netflix users typically hate ads, and this fact came out recently when users expressed extreme disappointment over reports that the online streaming firm is testing video ads in some markets. Following the criticisms, the U.S. firm was quick to deny those reports, saying that it has zero intention of putting ads in its streams. But now this new survey suggests that, on the condition of adding more content to the company’s library, subscribers are ready to accommodate third-party ads.

Will Netflix add third-party ads?

Unless Netflix beefs up its content library, however, Netflix users are not ready to accommodate ads. The survey reveals that 79% of Netflix subscribers would prefer paying extra per month rather than seeing third-party ads. Also around 56% of surveyed respondents said that they will cancel their Netflix subscription if ads are introduced on the platform.

The survey showed that 29% of subscribers would not like to pay more for Netflix, and 44% agreed that they could pay $1-$3 more for Netflix. A total of 27% of the users said that they would pay more than $4 extra per month.

Also the study found a very narrow correlation between age and response to the prospect of advertisements. The researchers who conducted the survey had thought that there would be stronger dislike from younger folks towards ads, but the general opinion was equal.

Streaming firms and ads go back a long way. Netflix rival HBO has also done this for quite some time now and has been largely successful. Third-party ads are a good source of revenue, so it may not be long before Netflix tries it.

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