Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ Gets A Flipbook Tribute

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Netflix’s original title Stranger Things, meant to be a tribute to 80s sci-fi, has turned out an excellent piece of fiction. The series has won accolades, including the most recent one fromThe Flippist artist Ben Zurawski, who binge-watched all eight episodes of the show last week. He was so impressed that he created a flipbook about all the young heroes.

A flipbook tribute to Stranger Things

Zurawski’s flipbook has some serious E.T. vibes, and it essentially is a recreation of the scene in which the kids are seen flying E.T. (or in this case, Eleven) over the moon to safety. If we consider the fact that that the kids practically live on their bikes and also that the show is heavily influenced by several classic works of Steven Spielberg from the 80s, this doesn’t come as a surprise.

There are a number of flipbooks already in existence from Zurawski about several fun characters and scenarios. Among them are Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar win, The Simpsons’ X-Files parody and old-school Nickelodeon cartoon commercials. Zurawski does custom flipbooks as well.

Stranger Things, a Netflix original from the Duffer Brothers, debuted on July 15, and it became an instant hit. It created huge buzz on social media as well, and it almost never happens that there is no mention of how the show acts as a reminder of Stephen King, Steven Spielberg and a whole lot of 80s nostalgia. The series can be rightly said to be a cultural phenomenon.

Not a good year so far for Netflix

In 2015, Netflix was the top performer on the S&P 500 Index, gaining 134%. However, this year, the stock is down 22% year to date, making it the worst performer among the so-called FANG group, which includes high-growth tech stocks that impressed investors in 2015.

Also the streaming giant missed subscriber forecasts and gave an outlook for the current quarter that came in lower than what Wall Street expected. For its part, the streaming giant blamed the “un-grandfathered” clause, resulting from the delayed price hike announced two years ago, for the weaker subscriber growth. It also said that it would have achieved its targets had this not happened.

Analysts at Credit Suisse were OK with this reasoning, saying, “Demand for Netflix’s services remains robust and once this period of elevated churn due to price hikes is behind us, it should resume normalised [subscriber] growth.”

In premarket trading today, Netflix shares were down 0.44%. In the last year, the stock is down more than 20%.

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