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Netflix Smart Socks For Those Who Fall Asleep Binge Watching

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Netflix has many users addicted to watching shows late night and falling asleep while binge watching, thus resulting in losing track the next day of what they watched last night. The streaming firm understands this problem, and therefore, has come up with a solution in the form of a pair of DIY smart socks that users can create on their own with the help of a handy how-to guide it released on Wednesday.

How Netflix smart socks work?

Netflix socks can determine when a user has fallen asleep, and automatically pause the running show. Netflix socks are not available on store shelves as of now, but it is possible to create them with some working knowledge of electrical components and soldering irons.

Such socks would make the life of Netflix binge-watchers much easier. There is an accelerometer in the socks that detects when the movements of a user has stopped for some time period. Before activating the pause button, the socks give a warning – in the form of the cuff glowing. The socks will know that the user is awake with a simple move of the foot.

What you need to make it?

For people who already know how to knit, the knitting process for the socks will not be too difficult. The video-streaming giant offers a handful of patterns based on its popular shows that include BoJack Horseman, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Bloodline, Master of None and House of Cards.

Netflix has released a tutorial detailing the parts list, and where each item needed for the smart socks is available, and also the schematics to follow to build the binge watching cut-off socks. The users will need to know basic code to program the electronics that the company has put together, and they will also need to determine their TV’s IR signals to make it work.

A logical follow-up

Netflix has come up with several DIY projects in recent months, and the socks are the latest in the series. Prior to this, the streaming firm came out with a Netflix Button that performs several tasks such as dimming the lights, silencing incoming calls, ordering food and turning on Netflix – all with one press.

Netflix socks are a logical follow-up to the button, because after a full stomach from the takeout orders arriving after pushing the button, viewers are quite likely to fall asleep binge watching their favorite shows.

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