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Netflix Starts Rolling Out Its Redesigned Website

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Netflix started redesigning its site some days ago, and now its new site is available to users. This is the first time the company has done a major design overhaul over the past four years.

Netflix making it more user-friendly

Netflix’s new interface run smoothly on a laptop screen, and the speed has been enhanced to let a user walk through the interface swiftly. Compared to the previous design in which the arrow hovered above the movies to move the list, the new arrow will move a full row of movies just by hitting the end of the row. Also the arrow can be hovered on new elements rather than tapping or clicking for a new screen.

Overall, the changes feel like the streaming company is trying to present a modern version of their service. It will require some time for users to get used to the site, but once done, it will overpower the old Netflix design pretty quickly. However, not every user will get the update simultaneously as the roll-out will be spread out over the next two weeks.

Users who watch Netflix on the iPad or stream to their TV via Roku, PS4 and other set-top boxes will be able to enjoy the newly redesigned user interface.

Bringing it closer to Netflix app’s TV interface

On the visual front also, the site has added a few changes. For instance, when a user drifts the mouse over a title, there will be a slideshow of images from the show or the movie, which according to the company will allow users to have a better feel of the film or program compared to a description alone. On the whole, the new design is more absorbing and presents more information to customers, thus making it even simpler to move through the catalog while looking for things to watch or add to a list.

More importantly, the new website is closer to Netflix’s app interface on televisions. The more sorted-out interface when hovering between platforms is something that has been important to the company. Earlier this year, Netflix launched its “Recommended TV” program, which suggested to manufacturers how to create a good Netflix experience. Now with a redesigned website, the streaming company plans to do the same for users on its own website as well.

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