Sharon LaDay Net Worth: Investor Profile and Influence

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Sharon LaDay is a successful businesswoman and angel investor. She supports women-led enterprises. She is also a mentor for startups, providing industry insights to promising startups. The American businesswoman has worked with leading angel investment organizations like Golden Seeds. The angel investment firm focuses on enterprises led by women.

Sharon LaDay has accumulated a net worth of $5 million from her long, successful career.

Are you curious to learn more about this impressive woman? Let us walk through her journey to financial success. Explore her impact on the technology industry.

Sharon LaDay Biography

Early life

Sharon LaDay is a successful businesswoman born July 1, 1974, in Houston, Texas. Unfortunately, that is the furthest we can go about her early life. She leads a low-profile life and does not talk much about her parents, siblings, or any of her early life publicly.

After graduating from a local high school, LaDay enrolled at Texas A&M University. She studied computer science. She joined Columbia Business School, earning a Master of Business Administration.

Personal Life

Like her early life, Sharon LaDay’s personal life is somewhat a mystery, too. She keeps her career life well-documented but talks to no one about her personal life. Her marital status is unknown, which leaves us assuming she leads a single life.

Though she is active on social media platforms, she does not discuss anything but business. She shares insights on business development, strategies, and investment opportunities. It is safe to assume Sharon LaDay’s priorities are not about publicizing her private life. She cares more about her career than her personal life.


Sharon is an angel investor and shrewd businesswoman. She has lots of experience in startup investing and blockchain technology. She is also well-informed and experienced in enterprise infrastructure solutions and education technology. Through her work in these industries, LaDay has built a substantial net worth of $5 million.

Early Career

Sharon LaDay’s career began in 1996 at Sprint, where she worked as an operating system engineer. She then moved to Lectra in 1998, serving as a Data Management Product Specialist. After Lectra, she joined Datalink as an Enterprise Data Systems Engineer in 1999. She designed and executed high-availability and disaster recovery systems for Datalink.

Transition to New Roles

Sharon LaDay left Datalink in 2001 and joined Cisco Systems as an intern. She worked with Cisco for four months. A few years later, Cisco acquired LaDay’s business, Andiamo Systems. In June 2003, Sharon joined Veritas Technologies LLC. She was the Financial Services Vertical Marketing Manager at Veritas until March 2006.

In 2007, she joined EMC Corporation as the Senior Marketing Manager. Between 2007 and 2013, Sharon was Wimba Inc.’s Director of Corporate Strategy and Development. She carried out several transactions for Wimba Inc., including market research and analysis.

Non-Profit and Education

Sharon also worked with the College Board for two years. She served Helene Fuld College of Nursing NYC as a board trustee since 2010. College Board is a non-profit organization that helps the less privileged go to college.

Executive Leadership

In April 2013, Sharon took a job as the vice president at Macmillan New Ventures. She played a key role in the organization. She was responsible for growth strategies for new markets and international alliances. Sharon left MacMillan in January 2016 and joined Marinda Management LLC, New York, as a SaaS Startup Consultant.

From Marinda, Sharon LaDay took another pivotal role with an IT technology & consulting company, IBM. LaDay worked as a Blockchain Ecosystem Leader for IBM until July 2020. At IBM, she worked with different portfolios of startups to develop and execute growth strategies.

She worked briefly as a Growth Product Management Consultant at Metaprise Solutions, a FinTech company.

Net Worth Growth Overview

Since 1996, Sharon LaDay has enjoyed a successful career in the finance industry. She has been involved in many business ventures, both as an angel investor and role model. As of this writing, LaDay has a net worth of $5 million.

In the United States, the most-paid startup mentor earns an annual income of around $76,000. Sharon mentors early-stage ventures to navigate the highly competitive startup ecosystem. She also joins some of these ventures as a co-leader.

LaDay’s sources of wealth are pretty clear. She receives paychecks as a board member in many organizations. She also earns from her strategic investments across different investment ventures. Her current role is the senior director at ServiceNow.

For a woman who lives such a low-profile life, LaDay has made quite an impact in the FinTech industry. She lives a private life, separating her professional and personal life.

Sharon LaDay Angel Investor

Sharon is an active angel investor who has played a crucial role in the success of many startups. Her background with startups includes education technology companies such as Wimba. She has experience in storage networking startups such as Andiamo Systems.

She provides strategic guidance to early-stage companies. She primarily works with ventures that embrace emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence. She also invests in startup ventures ready to venture into the blockchain industry. Sharon LaDay’s experience in market strategies has proved helpful in the startups she supports.


When Did Sharon Laday Have Kids?

Sharon LaDay keeps her life private. She does not talk about her husband or children, and there is not enough information to go about it. As such, the question of her children remains unanswered.

What Does La Day Do Now?

Sharon is an American angel investor with a long list of things she has done. Currently, she is a Blockchain Ecosystem Leader at IBM.

Who Can Become an Angel Investor?

To become an angel investor, you must qualify as an accredited investor. You must have earned at least $200,000 for the past two years. Your investable assets must be worth over $1 million.


Sharon LaDay’s impressive net worth shows that she is a force to be reckoned with in the technology industry. She is intelligent and dedicated to succeeding in what she does. She has attained financial success because of her strategic investments. Her success can also be attributed to the leading investment companies she works with. As an angel investor, Sharon is responsible for many successful business ventures in the technology industry. 

We can learn from Sharon that separating your professional life from your personal is possible.