Nest Software Bug Causing Major Problems For Homeowners

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Nest software bug … The “smart” Nest Thermostat was one of the first highly successful products that relied on the use of the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is the name for ongoing trend of adding Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity and a touchscreen to a wide range of consumer products so they can be analyzed for data and controlled remotely.

The IoT has already led to the development of new products such as Wi-Fi controlled LED lights and top-quality wireless audio, but the IoT is not a panacea. Recently publicized problems with IoT devices range from security cameras becoming viewable by anyone with a web browser to high-tech thieves hijacking cars, The most recent problem has been Nest software bug that has led to the firm’s ‘smart’ thermostats unexpectedly using up their batteries and shutting down without warning.

Tech industry analysts point to a software update to the Nest ecosystem last month, which drains the battery of the firms smart thermostats and then deactivates the entire HVAC system.

As reported by ValueWalk, Nest was was snapped up by Google for $3.2 billion around two years ago now.

Company statement on Nest software bug

In a statement, Nest noted that it was aware of the software glitch, and that the problem had been fixed for “99.5%” of users.

The firm recommended that for those still experiencing problems, “a manual reset should help”. It also published a nine-step fix.

“We are aware of a software bug impacting some Nest Thermostat owners. In some cases, this may cause the device to respond slowly or become unresponsive. We are working on a solution that we expect to roll out in the coming weeks,” the statement read.

The press release from the company did not specify how many users had been impacted by the Nest software bug.

Nest Thermostat customer comments

The BBC spoke to several Nest owners to get a feel for the problem. Martin Usborne, a London-based photographer, said that he had some problems with his Nest thermostat around a week ago.

“It broke down twice. I got an error message saying it was not connected. The house was very cold and I had to reboot it,” Usborne commented. He continued to note: “I have a love/hate relationship with Nest. Since it was installed, the house is warmer but my heating bill has gone up by 60% so it doesn’t seem to be doing its job in saving money.”

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