Obstacles To Cybersecurity, And Overcoming Them With MSPs

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Cybersecurity is one area that’s permanently in flux; in the years to come this area would turn out to be turbulent, dynamic. Cybersecurity breaches, malware attacks on enterprise networks etc are hitting headlines; hackers seem to be targeting all industries. So for enterprises today, security is top on priority. Businesses are trying out all possible ways to cope up with this situation and thwart all kinds of threats. They invest heavily in securing and installing security software; they go for things like PCI compliance and PCI scan. Still, it seems that cyber breaches are on the rise, all across the world. Hackers seem to be coming up all kinds of new malware, breaches seem to be hitting prominent companies and organizations- restaurants, healthcare firms, casinos, financial firms etc. Companies/organizations are facing big, really big, obstacles when it comes to achieving strong cybersecurity postures. Here’s a look at the obstacles that such businesses are facing and also at how MSPs can help clients face and overcome such obstacles…


MSPs – Obstacle 1- Lack of skill

This is a big issue that many enterprises today seem to be facing. It’s a challenge today to find qualified talent, especially as regards IT security. Yes, most companies today complain quoting lack of skilled employees as one of the major obstacles as regards achieving maximum cybersecurity. Explore more into the area and try to ask them the reasons why they don’t get qualified personnel; one section would say that there is no proper training, certification and hands-on experience available to create qualified talents while another section would say that conventional education and policies won’t work in today’s scenario and satisfy the needs of the hour. Whatever the reason is, the truth remains that enterprises today face a big dearth of qualified talents as regards IT security and this is turning out to be a big obstacle. Businesses are really struggling hard to get the right kind of security personnel with the right kind of skill. Many SMBs (Small and Medium Sized Businesses) don’t seem to have the necessary bandwidth or resources to meet their cybersecurity needs. Thus they end up being vulnerable to all kinds of attacks and breaches.

Solution: For Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) it’s best to make use of an MSP (Managed Service Provider) with the appropriate technology, skill, experience and resources. Thus it would be possible to ensure 24×7 monitoring and support and it would be possible to promptly remediate issues as and when they happen and even prevent many issues from happening. Moreover, when such businesses seek the help of MSPs, they would also be provided with preventive solutions like RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management), antivirus support etc which would give them maximum security from threats and attacks. The MSPs can thus monitor and scan any enterprise network for malicious activities, thereby ensuring that the network, as well as endpoints in the network, are secure.

Obstacle 2- Lack of budget

This is vital, really very important. One of the prime obstacles that businesses face as regards cybersecurity is the lack of financial resources. Today businesses are beginning to invest more on cybersecurity, but still there are lots of companies that lack the kind of budget that’s needed for this. Companies that show interest in investing on cybersecurity don’t seem to understand that the amount of money they invest on it doesn’t match the changing landscape of cyberthreats and cybersecurity. Moreover, it’s a hard task winning a fair budget for cybersecurity, especially since results are not quick and the funds allocated are mostly for preventing future threats and issues. With SMBs, since the financial resources would already be limited, it would be hard to find or allocate a budget for cybersecurity.

Solution: One of the reasons why businesses depend on MSPs is to cut costs. Thus those companies, especially SMBs with limited financial resources, can depend on MSPs to take care of their security needs. Thus things would fit into the available budget and they also won’t have to take in additional resources for security purposes.

Obstacle 3- Lack of proper awareness

Security experts always begin that a company’s best and most effective security defense or tool happens to be its employees. There are two aspects of this. On the one hand, employees with proper awareness about cybersecurity can detect vulnerabilities and block and thwart issues on time. On the other hand employees without proper security awareness or training may end up causing or creating the greatest of security vulnerabilities. This could lead to serious damage to a company’s business and reputation. Today, one of the main obstacles that many companies are facing as regards cybersecurity happens to be the lack of proper awareness.

Solution- A good MSP always stays up-to-date as regards cybersecurity and security threats. Thus MSPs would be able to provide security awareness and proper training to employees from time to time. They can also make employees understand the importance of different aspects of cybersecurity, like the relevance of PCI compliance or PCI scans, the role played by each security software etc.

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