MotorMood: A Startup Spreading Smile On The Road [VIDEO]

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We know that the road is often a hostile and frustrating place, full of traffic jams and miscommunication. Now an Orange County-based startup wants to turn the road into a happier place. MotorMood has developed a car accessory that lets you bring smile on an angry face. It allows you to say thanks to another driver via light-up emoticons on your car’s rear window on the go.

MotorMood has a visibility of up to 30 feet

The team behind MotorMood has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise a whopping $130,500 by July 30. The company’s marketing director Kina De Santis says that is the minimum threshold for manufacturing and to bring down the component costs. As of this writing, the startup has raised $41,090 from 310 backers, with 30 days to go.

You can affix the light-up smiley face on your car’s rear window using removable adhesive clips. There is a remote button that clips on your car’s sun visor, pretty much like a garage door opener. A gentle push on the remote button lights up the happy face for six seconds before it automatically turns off. MotorMood claims that the visibility of its product ranges up to 30 feet.

MotorMood is optimized for nighttime use

MotorMood Vice President Alex Sewell said that the display’s brightness is optimized for night-time use when simple hand waves are usually not visible. The accessory is available in three color options: blue, pink and green. Everything is battery-powered and wireless. MotorMood claims that it requires far less concentration to operate than the air conditioner or radio.

MotorMood conducted a survey of 1,050 people, which revealed that smiley faces have the power to reduce aggression and anger in teens. They found that smileys triggered the same emotions as human smiles. The company’s founder Jesse Kramer describes that MotorMood yields an element of surprise when a smile is spotted. It feels magical for the receiver and bestower alike.

Light-up smiley is just the beginning. The company is planning additional happy emojis and characters.

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