Most-Watched Facebook Live Video Of 2016: Have You Seen It?

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The most-watched Facebook Live video of 2016 was “Chewbacca Mom,” a.k.a. Candace Payne. People avidly watched “Chewbacca Mom” share “the simple joys in life” more than any other video this year, according to Fortune.

“Chewbacca Mom” video far ahead of others

In the four-minute video, Payne donned a talking Chewbacca mask and laughs hilariously while sitting in her car. Her video has received more than 164 million views since it first streamed on May 20. Payne’s video outpaced the second-most watched live video from musician Ted Yoder, who played a hammered dulcimer. Yoder’s video has garnered over 85 million views since it was streamed in August.

Live videos in relation to the U.S. election took four of the 10 most-watched live streams on Facebook. Others included in the top ten list were a video of people in Dallas lining up to hug police officers, “Chardonnay Go,” which is Pokemon GO for moms, and a video of a truck completely carved out of wood, notes Fortune.

Last week, the social media giant released its annual Year in Review summary, which included its first-ever top ten table of the most-watched Live videos and the usual roundup of the ten most-discussed topics on the platform, notes Fortune.

U.S. presidential election the most-talked-about topic on Facebook

In a blog post, the social networking site reported that the top 10 moments of this year’s Year in Review are measured by how often a topic was mentioned in posts made between January 1 and November 27.

“To put this list together, mentions were analyzed in an aggregated, anonymized way and then ranked to create a snapshot of the year on Facebook. The top 10 Live videos were measured by total cumulative views,” the post read.

The U.S. presidential election was the most-talked-about topic in 2016, and politics in different parts of the world took half of all the spots. The impeachment of Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff came in at the number two spot, while Black Lives Matter reached the number four spot. The U.K.’s June referendum on EU membership was number seven, the election of Rodrigo Duterte as President of the Philippines was number five. Pokemon Go took the third spot, becoming the most-discussed non-political subject on the social network this year.

Also Mark Zuckerberg shared a retrospective video of some of the top moments of 2016 on the platform. In a post, the CEO noted that 2016 was a difficult year for many people around the world.

“But what gives me hope is that even our darkest moments were a little brighter because of the connections we shared with each other.”

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