What Are The Most Popular Netflix Shows?

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Research and data company Luth Research recently released current Netflix viewer ratings, and shared them exclusively with Variety. Luth’s analysis took into account the sizable number of U.S. subscribers, and concluded that the House of Cards remains the most popular show on Netflix despite stiff competition from other recently launched shows.

House of Cards most popular on Netflix

According to the data obtained, Daredevil, which started on April 10, was viewed by about 10.7% of subscribers, who reported that they watched a minimum of one episode of the series in the first eleven days of its telecast on Netflix. The superhero show is also the first of its kind to be featured on the streaming service. Furthermore, House of Cards’ third-season grabbed 6.5% subscribers in the first month of its on-air period. Of interest, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, a comedy series, surpassed Cards’ rating with 7.3% viewers in the initial 30 days. However, the new drama show Bloodline only managed to attract 2.6% of the firm’s total subscribers, says the report.

However, if all the three seasons of House of Cards were considered, the series still comes out as the most popular original show on Netflix in March. Moreover, its third season attracted more eyeballs overall than the previously mentioned shows, with almost half of the subscribers watching at least three of its episodes per day in the initial month of its release.

How accurate are these numbers?

The analysis conducted by Luth Research employed the ZQ Intelligence tool, which the data company claims is efficient enough to extract coded data from Netflix’s apps. Moreover, Luth measured the viewer rating on a per episode basis, and also considered audience demographics along with public opinion outside of Netflix.

However, these numbers only vaguely suggest the audience viewing pattern on Netflix, as the research did not consider the streaming service’s viewers on other platforms, for instance, TV sets having internet or those attached with streaming media players, gaming consoles, etc.

The streaming service has historically refrained from publishing audience data, which has upset a lot of people, including studios which provide content to Netflix. However, since the company does not feature any advertising on its website to charge for, the firm is not likely to change its policy.

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