Most Popular Companies To Invest In According To TikTok Investors

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  • With the rise of ‘Stockfluencers’ on TikTok, many companies are benefiting from the conversation around investing on the platform

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  • Tesla is the most discussed stock on TikTok, with #teslastock content reaching over 35 million views on the app
  • AMC, Gamestop, Disney and Nio round out the top five as the most watched companies on investment TikTok
  • Expert advice reveals how a company's share price could increase, due to surging interest on social media platforms
  • New league table reveals which companies are benefiting the most from Tik Tok investment advice.

The Most Popular Company For TikTok Investors

Tesla is the most popular company for TikTok investors, new research* by has found.

The electric car company has reached over 35 million views on the video sharing site under the hashtag #teslastock, making it the most sought after company for stock investment advice.

With millions of young people turning to social media platforms like TikTok for investment advice, companies are benefiting from the rise of ‘StockTok’ videos on the app, including Disney, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft.

The below table shows the 20 most popular companies for investment advice on TikTok:

Table 1: Most Popular Companies for TikTok investors

Rank Company Hashtag TikTok Views
1 Tesla #teslastock 35,100,000
2 AMC #amcstock 12,500,000
3 Gamestop #gamestopstock 9,300,000
4 Nio #niostock 7,700,000
5 Disney #disneystock 4,600,000
6 Amazon #amazonstock 4,000,000
7 Palantir Technologies #pltrstock 415,300
8 Twitter #twitterstock 410,300
9 AgEagle Aerial Systems, Inc. #uavsstock 407,600
10 Snapchat #snapstock 385,300
11 Sundial Growers #sndlstock 344,100
12 Nikola Corporation #nklastock 283,500
13 Zoom #zoomstock 262,700
14 Apple #applestock 234,600
15 Facebook #facebookstock 198,900
16 Alibaba #alibabastock 172,000
17 Microsoft #microsoftstock 90,700
18 Workhorse #workhorsestock 65,000
19 Airbnb #airbnbstock 44,500
20 Visa #visastock 14,600

AMC and GameStop

Movie theatre chain AMC was the second most popular company for TikTok investors, reaching 12.5 million views on the app for #amcstock.

This was closely followed by Gamestop, with nearly 10 million views under the hashtag #gamestopstock. Both companies have made waves on social media this year, with the hype around Gamestop widely credited with capturing the attention of younger investors.

Findings show that Twitter was the most popular social media platform for stock investment advice, with 410,300 views on TikTok. Snapchat was the second most popular social media platform (385,300), with Facebook in third place (198,900).

Software companies such as Zoom and Microsoft are also experiencing high views, due to the increasing demand for remote working.

TikTok Stockfluencers Are Shaping The Future

Salman Haqqi, personal finance expert at, commented on the reports findings:

“Stockfluencers create content on various topics, including; financial planning, passive income and real estate. With the vast reach afforded to them by platforms like TikTok, these influencers are not only helping to shape a generation of young investors but can also impact the popularity of company shares.

While the platform is positively impacting attitudes to investing, potential investors should thoroughly research the company they intend to buy stocks and shares in before they invest.”

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