Mosquito Away: LG K7i Has A New Design

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LG India showed the LGX230I, also known as the LG K7i, to the rest of the world. The new Android-based smartphone isn’t this company’s flagship phone and sports only one significantly futuristic features. Aside from using it as your mobile device, it will also be your personal mosquito protector while you sleep.

The LG K7i is equipped with an ultrasonic technology which keeps mosquitoes away from your bed, and it doesn’t affect humans.

To many people, this idea sounds more stupid than innovative. There are a lot of affordable devices that, with the use of special pills and poisons, can still keep away these blood-sucking insects away from your room. Still, it is worth mentioning that countries like India experience a high volume of mosquitoes during the whole year, and some say they are the number one deadliest living thing aside from snails. They are carriers of various diseases, of which many are deadly for people.

That being said, the LG K7i is the perfect device to protect you from these dangerous insects. Although the LG K7i is an excellent preventive idea, it is unusual to implement this feature in a smartphone. It must be because, thanks to the rapid growth of technology, we are using smartphones more and more.

The smartphone is equipped with two cases. One is a casual case that you can use during the day. At any time, you can swap the regular case with the one that sports the ultrasonic technology. There is also a Mosquito Away stand that will let you take better control of your surroundings. Do you feel surrounded by the blood-sucking parasites? Just swap the case and watch them go away, surrounding you with peaceful sleep.

The case supports 30 kHz range ultrasound. Humans can’t hear frequencies this high, as our ear supports between 20 Hz to 20 kHz. LG didn’t reveal whether animals that can hear this frequency will be affected by this case. Dogs can hear up to 45 kHz, while cats can hear frequencies of up to 65 kHz.

Specs-wise, the LG K7i is nothing special. It sports 1.1 GHz quad-core chipset and 2GB of RAM. The internal memory goes up to 16 GB. The battery is slightly a let-down. The 2,500 mAh will swiftly run out of juice if you use it to keep mosquitoes away for too long.

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