Monopoly Board Houses At Today’s Prices [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Over the festive period, many of us will settle down with our families for an overly competitive game of Monopoly, where we’ll be trying to add as many properties to our portfolio as possible to charge the rest of the family extortionate rents. Originally created to show how an economy which rewards wealth creation trumps one in which monopolists work under few constraints, the Monopoly board has become such an iconic part of pop-culture; however, it’s a far cry from reality.

In fact, the London of the Monopoly board couldn’t be more different – you’re not going to get even a room to rent in Mayfair for £400, never mind being able to buy something! This infographic from West One compares the current average price of properties in the areas featured on the Monopoly board with what they’re worth in the game, and also shows how much it would set you back to rent in those areas.

Interestingly, it also shows that even once ‘cheap’ locations, such as Old Kent Road and The Angel Islington, are no longer affordable for most, with properties costing in excess of £800,000. Meanwhile Mayfair continues to be one of the more affluent areas of the city, with a property there likely to set you back at least £3m! Tourist areas, such as Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square have also seen massive hikes in prices, currently equating to an average price of £1.28m. Average rents in the city have soared, and in some areas, tenants can expect to pay at least £1,000 a week, while in Trafalgar Square they’d be looking to pay over £2,000 a week!

So, when you sit down to play Monopoly this Christmas, just think about what value for money you’re getting – as in reality, the cheapest property on the board would be at least £590,000. Take a look at West One’s infographic to find out exactly what you could expect to pay for properties featured in one of the world’s most iconic board games.

Monopoly Board Houses At Today’s Prices


Monopoly Board Houses At Today's Prices



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