MoneyGram Reports Third Quarter Loss on Legal Expenses

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Moneygram International Inc (NYSE:MGI), a global payment services company, reported a net loss of $54.8 million and $8.2 million EBITDA for the third quarter, due to legal accrual and expenses. During the same period last year, the company posted $15.83 million net profit, or $0.22 per share.

MoneyGram Reports Third Quarter Loss on Legal Expenses

The company paid $70 million incremental accrual and $2.2 million in legal expenses to the Middle District of Pennsylvania (MDPA) in connection with investigation of transactions involving the company’s agents in Canada and the United States. During the previous quarter, the company paid $30 million in  incremental accrual to the MDPA.

Moneygram International Inc (NYSE:MGI) also incurred $3.9 million in restructuring and reorganization costs and $2.4 million in stock-based compensation during the period.

The impact of the accrual and legal expenses in the company’s quarterly earnings was $1.00 per share, $0.03 per share from restructuring and reorganization costs, and $0.02 per share from stock-based compensation. MoneyGram’s adjusted earnings per share excluding the impact of these items would have been $0.28 per share.

During the earnings conference call of the company, Pam Patsley, chairman & CEO of MoneyGram, announced that the company reached a settlement agreement with the MDPA and DOJ, related to the investigation, fraud complaint data, and consumer antifraud program. According to Patsley, MoneyGram entered a 5-year deferred prosecution agreement (DPA). The company agreed to pay $100 million for the victims of the fraud committed by certain agents, and the appointment of an independent compliance monitor. Under the terms of the DPA, the MDPA and DOJ will no longer file any further action against the company related to the issue.

Moneygram International Inc (NYSE:MGI)’s posted $338.6 million revenue during the third quarter. The result is 5 percent higher than its $321.9 million revenue in 2011.

According to the company, its money transaction transfer volume increased by 13 percent, compared with the volume recorded during the same period a year ago. The result was driven by 18 percent growth in sends generated outside the United States. The company also noted a 13 percent growth in U.S. outbound sends, and a 9 percent increase in U.S. to U.S. sends.

Moneygram International Inc (NYSE:MGI)’s Global Funds Transfer revenues increased 6 percent to $317.9 million. Its total fee and other revenues climbed by 5.5 percent to $335.63 million. The company’s investment revenues declined by 10 percent to $2.92 million, and its revenues from financial paper products also declined by 10 percent, to $20.3 million, compared with the results last year.

In a statement, Patsley said, “Consumers continue to recognize Moneygram International Inc (NYSE:MGI)’s compelling products and valuable services as evidenced by our third-quarter results, which included our sixth consecutive quarter of double-digit constant currency money transfer growth. We are focused on delivering strong operating results and building on the positive momentum in our core money transfer and bill payment businesses.”

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