Did You Know? Tesla Motors Inc Has Yet Another EV In The Pipeline

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Tesla launched its Model X SUV last year and plans to reveal its forthcoming Model 3 mass market vehicle next month. A Model X can be preordered right now, but the Model 3 will arrive in 2017. However, they are not the only two EVs to be talked about, and there is one more car on which the EV firm is working currently.

New Tesla EV with “Maximum Plaid”

In recent times, most discussions have been around these two vehicles, especially from Wall Street analysts who are interested in finding out in which direction the extremely volatile Tesla stock is heading.

The third vehicle on which the EV firm is said to be working on has not gotten many mentions, but it is said that the car will be super-fast, and for this particular reason, the company’s CEO Elon Musk has reserved a special category of speed for it called “Maximum Plaid,” the report says. And the car that Tesla has designated for its 0-to-60 mph crown is the Roadster.

Currently, “Ludicrous Mode” is Tesla’s top speed technology, and similarly, this new tech is nicked from Mel Brooks’ Star Wars parody, Spaceballs. Tesla’s Model S P90D sedan comes with the feature, which enables the EV to have an acceleration similar to what customers normally get to enjoy with a Ferrari or Lamborghini. So what “Maximum Plaid” will feel like cannot be imagined.

Dedication to roots

Many Tesla observers suspected that the Roadster would fade away, but the company didn’t let that happen. The Roadster, which came with a Lotus-inspired chassis and an early version of Tesla’s electric powertrain, was a blistering small vehicle with the capability of sub-four-second 0-to-60 runs in “Sport” trim, which is a 2.0 version of the original Roadster.

It is expected that a new Roadster will hit the streets before 2020. The EV originally launched the car for the purpose of changing hearts and minds about electric cars. The Roadster did succeed at doing that, changing the perception that EVs need not be glorified golf carts, but rather, they could be hot and dazzling and super-cool paradigm-shifters.

Also the EV firm’s cars have inspired many new entrants into the auto space on how to succeed and grab eyeballs in relatively little time.

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