How Much Of The Model 3 Will Tesla Reveal On March 31?

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Tesla’s Model 3, which is a very ambitious project for the company and could be called its most important car as well, will be unveiled in Los Angeles on March 31. The electric car maker recently sent out invites to the press confirming the announcement date. However, there are still questions regarding how much of the Model 3 we will get to see when Tesla unveils it.

How much of the Model 3 will be revealed?

Some people suggest that it is possible the car will not be physically present at the venue and that the company will show it in concept photos only. That is somewhat pessimistic. However, the EV maker has suggested that journalists present at the event will get an opportunity to see the “Model 3 prototype.”

The invitation goes on to suggest that the prototype will be functional as well. Tesla said the press will get an opportunity “to take a quick spin in what we’ve been working on.” The event will be fairly tightly controlled as there won’t be any opportunity for the press to quiz Tesla execs such as CEO Elon Musk.

Model 3 the most important car for Tesla

The Model 3’s debut is an opportunity to see Tesla’s vision of an affordable electric car. The EV firm presently offers three cars: the Roadster, which is not in production any longer; the Model S sedan, which played an important role in popularizing the automaker; and the Model X SUV, which is the most recent vehicle.

Of all of these, the Model 3 will be the least expensive. Tesla has not confirmed the final price of the vehicle as yet, but it has repeatedly promised that the starting price of the car will be around $35,000 before federal and state subsidies. This means that its pricing will fall well below the $30,000 mark in some states after subsidies.

Tesla’s Model 3 will go head to head with cars from more established automakers, among which the Chevy Bolt EV is one. The Bolt is expected to beat the Model 3 to market, but it might end up costing more. GM informed potential buyers that the vehicle will be priced at around $30,000 after subsidies and incentives.

On Tuesday, Tesla shares closed up 1.48% at $218.34. Year to date, the stock is down by over 8%, while in the last year, it is up by almost 16%.

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