Minnie Mouse To “Lean In” With Sheryl Sandberg

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With Current Disney CEO Bob Iger slated for mandatory retirement in 2016, speculation is swirling as to whom will succeed him. Billionaire Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) COO Sanberg looks like a possible choice given her place on The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS)’s board and media experience but it’s just speculation with multiple sources simply running with the story.

Minnie Mouse To "Lean In" With Sheryl Sandberg

Hell, Iger waiting to step down in 2016 might be a stretch given his age and wealth.

Differing sources, reports

Yesterday, The New York Post reported in an “exclusive” that Sandberg was being looked at seriously for the post. To summarize the reporting of Claire Atkinson, the Post reporter claimed that Sandberg, who was long believed to be interested in politics, is suddenly souring to the idea despite the fact that Hillary Clinton could almost guarantee her a cabinet post or at least an appointment pending Senate confirmation.

Atkinson cited numerous sources suggesting why she might leave Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and why she is being eyed for the Disney job.

“There’s a lot of goofy tech guys there now,” said one source, explaining why Sandberg could be looking for a move, wrote Atkinson. 

“The job is the most coveted role in all of media,” said one source close to the action. “People are angling early on.”

“Sheryl has great leadership skills. Disney should pick someone who understands advertising, content and has experience of the digital future,” said one person campaigning for Sandberg, who used to run ad sales at Google.

But Business Insider’s Jim Edwards wasn’t having it yesterday evening when he wrote, citing his own sources, “It’s not true.”

Speculation will continue

What sparked this speculation? The departure of Disney TV boss Anne Sweeney is certainly a large part of it. Sweeney announced that she was leaving Disney having been overlooked for the position.

Speculation either way, Sandberg is not the front-runner. That position belongs to others.

Chief financial officer James “Jay” Rasulo, or parks chief Thomas Staggs hold that distinction with the latter believed to be in the lead on Wall Street.

Additionally, ESPN boss John Skipper would have a shot given the buckets of money that ESPN makes for The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS) each year. Whatever happens, I will still be paid to speculate like everyone else.

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